Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Tamar Braxton And Her Boo, David Adefeso Publicly Proclaim Their Love For One Another - Read Their Emotional Messages That Have Fans Crying Tears Of Joy at


Tamar Braxton truly seems to have found happiness and love this time. If someone still had any doubts regarding her and David Adefeso"s romance, the latest exchange of messages that they just had on social media will shed some light on how things really stand between the two of them.

It"s great to see Tamar finally happy after some really difficult moments in her life from her past romance.

Here"s what Tamar has to say to her man:

"The fact that I once thought that love was a feeling. The fact is every thing about that word is an action. To be patient and kind and giving, respectful, Honest, mature, nurturing, protective, present, problem solving ,a provider, Saved, Positive, considerate, all about family, is EVERYTHING that u are LOVE.."Tamar began her romantic message.


She continued and told David, "you won’t let me run and hide Nor have a tantrum 🙄 without communicating and facing ANY situation! Thank you for showing me that it’s not just about FEELINGS!! It’s DOING! #mylove💕💕💕 I’m so grateful for you🥰🥰 Happy just Being YOU day @david.adefeso."

David hopped in the comments section and here"s what he responded to his love:

"My love you complete me.🤞🏽🤞🏽Before u I was lost in the wilderness, thirsty and searching for that thing I I’d heard existed but remained all too elusive. 😫😫 With every turn of the calendar I settled into the realization that I would be one of those unlucky few who never got to experience the true joy of experiencing life through the eyes of someone who makes every sunset more colorful, every bird’s chirp more beautiful and every glance more meaningful. 💥🔥"

He continued and said, "Until that fateful day in the summer I never imagined what real love felt like. You have strengthened me; you have loved me; you have brought me closer to my God; you complete me. I love you; you love me; together forever! Your Dave."

Needless to say, fans have praised these two"s messages and a lot of people cried tears of joy for Tamar.

Someone joked and said, "Ok now put those feelings in a song and gives a single! 💓😂😂"

A follower told Tamar, "You deserve to be happy beautiful one ♥ God is good and u deserve the best."

Someone else posted, "I am so happy for you Tamar. The negativity doesn’t even need to be addressed. Don’t waste your energy on negative people. Misery loves company. Don’t acknowledge anything that doesn’t promote love, happiness, and positive vibes. Be happy and Be IN LOVE!!!! I’m loving you and David together. 😘"

It"s truly amazing to see that Tamar has finally found love and she"s this fulfilled and happy.

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