Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Tiny Harris’ Daughter Heiress Throws The Sassiest Tantrum On Camera - Check Out The Clip! at lxbr.info


Tiny Harris took to social media to post a super adorable clip of her daughter Heiress, 3, throwing a cute tantrum. The sassy child was not happy at all when Tiny informed her she was going to call ‘daddy,’ referring to rapper T.I., so she let her mother know it!

It seems like little Heiress does a lot of funny things that her mom posts on social media and this situation was no exception!

The Xscape star just had to capture it and share it with her many followers.

The video shows the child getting quite angry when her mom tells her she would call her dad, Tip.

She yells: ‘NO!’ twice when Tiny says: ‘I’m calling your daddy. Why’s you screaming?’

Heiress explains that it’s ‘Because you said ‘calling my daddy’ twice this time.’

‘Yep, I’m calling him, he’s calling back now,’ Tiny says.

The child completely changes her attitude, sweetly saying: ‘Hey Daddy!’

This gets her mom probably rolling her eyes at the change, telling her ‘girl, bye,’ before the video ends.

Such a precious exchange! Little Heiress is like an infinite source of amusement!

In the caption, Tiny wrote: ‘I’m sure by now everyone can see why I’m so obsessed with the lil baby of mine. She was screaming cause u said u was gonna call her daddy twice. She’s nobody’s fool #HeiressDianna#TheRealQueenOfTheHouse 👑💜.’


Fans know all too well that this is just the latest of many such funny and cute moments with Heiress that her parents have shared online before.

Tiny often posts such clips much to the enjoyment of her followers who think she’s hilarious, and just the cutest!

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