Saturday, May 11, 2019

Lil Scrappy And Erica Dixon Pose With Daughter In Stunning Dress To Formal; Fans Defend The Mom For Bringing Her New Boyfriend In The Picture at


Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars Lil Scrappy and his ex-girlfriend, Erica Dixon, are the proudest parents as they watch their beautiful and bright daughter head to her eight grade formal.

Emani Richardson looked beyond stunning in a salmon\gold dress that was age appropriate for a 13-year-old.

Erica, who gave birth to twin girls, recently posed with her mini-me daughter and showed her snap-back game.

Scrappy made sure cutie pie baby Breland was present to see his big sister head to the dance.

Erica penned this message about the big milestone: "For her, I always will. Delivered my twins a week ago and still got her together for formal. I will always provide everything she asks for and more. Thanks to the twin"s dad for providing his whip. #proudmother"

The mom of three added: "I still can"t believe how fast she grew up on me. Oh, and I didn"t cry."

Scrappy also told: "Man I can’t believe how much you’ve grown, definitely gorgeous to the next dimension. Had to post the whole pick of my amazing and astonishing princess sorry not sorry she’s drenched 💦."

Bambi Benson, Lil Scrappy"s wife, wrote a sweet message to Emani: "You look so beautiful... enjoy your evening honey."

Some are saying Erica is throwing shade because she said that her new boyfriend and father of her twins provided the car for Emani.

One person said: "She didn’t need to put him he made his own post. I always post when I get my three daughters together for dances or pageants and never mention my husband because it’s not that serious clearly scrappy does what he is supposed to do as a dad. Maybe he didn’t help with this dance he could’ve picked up the tab for the last dance."

Another fan shared: "She looks breathtaking merely gorgeous. Good thing him and Erica get along cause if they didn"t he would be reminded of her every day and hate it😭 but since they do maybe it makes him miss her each time he sees his daughter lol.exactly ppl get mad when you catch the shade that was so shady she mentioned how she had to do it all after she just delivered and everything."

This supporter wrote: "Erica literally gave birth to herself when she had Imani 😍 She’s so elegant. We talking about giving her the props she deserves Scrappy ain"t pay for nothing, and she let it be known her and the twin"s daddy took care of everything all he did was show up for a pic."

This fourth follower claimed: "Who cares if its Gods car don"t see why it was added at the end but hey her post so guess she"ll write what she wants but made no sense 🤣She looks like whichever parent she stands next to, so pretty."

Emani is growing up fast.

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