Friday, May 3, 2019

Chris Brown Lusts Over Steamy Rihanna Picture And Makes A Special Request -- Fans Remind Him That She Is Dating Hassan Jameel at


It seems that no one can resist Rihanna"s charm, not even Chris Brown. To promote her lingerie brand, RiRi recently took to social media where she posted a hot picture in a white bustier.

Millions of fans flocked in the comment section to praise the girlfriend of Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel.

Rihanna"s former boyfriend, Chris, who was arrested for assaulting her in 2009, wrote two comments underneath the photo where he lusted over her killer curves and asked her to drop new music.

Fans have mixed reactions after seeing Chris" words; some are saying he is merely nice while others are telling her to move on for good.

A supporter of the father of one said: "I know she smiling reading those comments 😏Chris Brown and Rihanna were definitely the best couple in the game back then, true LOVE never dies. ♥️I said what I said."

This critic brought up the assault: "Someone beating someone"s face up is true love? SMH... She is in a solid relationship for years now.....talking about some dam true love. He harassed Karrueche a long time after she left him. He has got an album coming out so of course, he is looking for publicity, it is not the first time he did it. That mf low key crazy. stop romanticizing THAT toxic relationship😒😒😒 !!!"

Another woman added this: "Whew y’all really have some growing up to do. This was toxic and abusive, and he messed with kae and Rihanna at the Same time. That is NOT true love. I worry about the black community sometimes..."

This person shared this point of view: "I think they are cordial from time to time through text ... but she doesn’t respond on social media cause she doesn’t want people to know lol ... navy swear they know everything
we all waiting on that new music I can’t even be mad at him 😂He’s showing love just like y’all do 😗 this is growth and maturity and all of you need to stop feeling so obligated to ProTecT her. They’re Friends. Calm down; He doesn’t want her, we happy over here he just being nice."

Not many people expect Rihanna to respond. The Barbadian-born pop superstar seems to be focusing on her coins these days.

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