Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Michelle Williams Flaunts Her Oiled-Up Abs In Sizzling Picture After Reconciling With Fiancé Chad Johnson -- Some Fans Are Still Asking For Destiny’s Child To Return at lxbr.info


Michelle Williams has got it and is not afraid to flaunt it -- her killer abs -- that is.

On Monday, the former Destiny’s Child singer took to social media where she posted a sizzling photo shoot that she did in Dallas, Texas.

Michelle, who reconciled with ex-fiancé Chad Johnson, wore a bandeau top, a blazer that she left open to reveal her legendary six packs, and she completed the look with feather pants.

A supporter replied: "Yesss!! #MichelleWilliams out here serving looks. Michelle is SO underrated. All of you love to bash her, but she has it all. 🤷‍♀️ She’s beautiful, talented, smart, and has Beyoncé and Kelly as best friends. All of you could never be Michelle.🤷‍♀️"


One fan said: "She Mac makeup and oiled up her six pack and took a stand for Jesuś. Where was this in Destiny’s Child??? But you look, good auntie.😍😍"

This follower stated: "Skinny girls got the heat too don’t forget 🥰😍.ma’am you are everything I wanna be when I grow up!! 😍😍😍No, Michelle slander will be tolerated. Sis looks Amazing.🔥"


The songwriter, who has been open about her battle with depression, recently shared this moving post: "Mental Health Awareness Month: A part of taking care of your mental health is fitness/working out! I know there will be at least one comment that says, “Michelle, you’re slim, so you don’t need to work out.” I actually work out because of how I feel afterward. Yes, the physical results I see in the mirror are cool but the place I was in mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally in December is different from where I am today! I sought out @mrshutupandtrain and he’s been “getting me right!” Two women walked up to me today and said: “you have such a light and an inner peace.” I shared my story. It wasn’t always light and peace coming out of me! LOL!! There was anger, disappointment, depression, and shame just oozing out of my pores, but I had to take control. You have to make yourself a priority, or your circumstances will kill you! Work out, make your circle smaller, pray, eat good, be kind, go to therapy and mind ya business is the start of a healthy mind and heart! I’ll share more of my journey!!"

Fans appreciate Michele"s sincerity.

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