Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Kenya Moore"s Baby Daughter, Brooklyn Daly, Cannot Compete With Cousin Che"s Impressive Physique In Hilarious Picture at


As beautiful as baby Brooklyn Daly is, she is no match for Kenya Moore"s loveable Cousin Che.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her husband, Marc Daly, have managed to create the perfect mini human, and her name is Brooklyn.

This week, Kenya decided to delight her fans by sharing a sweet photo where Cousin Che is holding the little princess.

Cousin Che, who is wearing a tank top, is laying in bed, and her cleavage took over, and Brooklyn"s pretty eyes are wide open as if she is surprised by the view.

Kenya had the perfect caption for the hilarious photo: "Hey... my eyes are up here. 👀👶🏽"

One supporter of the beauty queen and businesswoman replied: "Beautiful😘. Hey, Brooklyn tells mommy to bring it this season, all of the fun shade, shade, drama, and of course you and dad🙌🙌🔥. Tell mama not to spare anyone who isn"t loyal 😂😂😂because we want mom sitting gracefully, right up next to her shady Boss. Sorry, Brooks, your Instagram aunt is petty😁😁😁😏. Forgive me little one😘."

Another person had this to say: "Well dang... it took me a second to see Brooklyn! Kenya, please get pregnant immediately. 😳🤷🏽‍♀️😝😂You stuck to your guns and, you did it your way!! Proud of you!!! You got married and had your beauty!!!😍"

This Instagram user revealed: "Hey, daddy"s daughter and her mother"s joy. She looks so much like her dad, (he is handsome) and she is beautiful ♥️I guess bosoms out runs in the family#smh she is taking the attention away from beautiful Brooklyn I don"t get it to put the breasts away lady😂😂😂😂!!!"

This follower continued with: "Brooklyn said "are these for me? Got milk? Oooo Brooklyn lifted that eyebrow like “so you see what I see right.” Hey Che!!! The look on Brooklyn’s face is priceless 😭😂 she’s so beautiful. And Auntie is gorgeous as well."

A fifth commenter added: "Lol!! I saw this while I was in church. I just started shouting, “Hallelujah!” It was in order. Just a Doll Baby! Kenya keeps the lil one fresh! She is truly blessed, and I am so happy for my girl💙💙💙💙💙You always make your #team Brooklyn happy .we love seeing that gracious smile."

Kenya is really enjoying this journey to the fullest.

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