Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Tristan Thompson And LeBron James Don"t Have A Care In The World - Check Out Their Video For Memorial Day - People Notice How Happy Tristan Is Since Khloe Left at lxbr.info


Tristan Thompson and LeBron James seem to have spent Memorial Day partying together. People ask Tristan to leave LeBron alone because he"s the only decent man left.

The Shade Room shared the video of these two and you can also see it below.

Someone said "Tristan better not rub off on the only decent faithful black man we have left."

A follower responded to the commenter above and said: "nah, it will be the other way around. This decent faithful black man will rub off on Tristan. Positive vibes only! 🙌🏾😩"


A person joked and said that "Tristan is doing the “Khloe finally left me alone” dance."

One person posted: "LeBron ain’t had a summer off to enjoy himself in years cause he always playing in the Finals. He about to enjoy the hell out this one lol."

Someone else also said that Tristan is in awe without Khloe: "Tristan has been extra happy since Khloe left 😩😩😂😂"

One person has really high hopes and posted this: "Hopefully after all this dancing LeBron can teach Tristan how to be faithful😩"

Regarding Khloe Kardashian, not too long ago it was reported that she publicly announced that she wants to take a break from dating.

She highlighted the fact that she is particularly done with athletes. However, her more recent statements have confused some of her fans.

Khloe has opened up about the idea of marriage, claiming that it is not off the table at all for her. But she did say that basic dating is not something she wants to consider right now.

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