Monday, May 20, 2019

Phaedra Parks And Porsha Williams Take A Stand Against New Anti-Abortion Laws -- See Their Messages Against Politicians Like Kay Ivey From Alabama at


Attorney Phaedra Parks along with many other women like Porsha Williams want to remind the world that in 2019, it is not right that over 12 states including Alabama and Georgia have either successfully passed or tried to pass stricter abortion legislation.

Last week, Alabama"s governor Kay Ivey, a Republican, caused an uproar by signing one of the toughest bills of its kind in the United States.

Both Porsha and Phaedra, of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame, have decided to take a stand by saying, "abortion is part of being a mother."

The attorney shared a chart and captioned it: “Abortion is part of being a mother and of caring for children because part of caring for children is knowing when it’s not a good idea to bring them into the world.”
-Katha Pollitt
Shame on
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#Abortionrights are #HumanRights #mybodymychoice 💪🏾

Porsha shared the same image and used this caption: "None ya dayum business 🗣 #LawdHelpUs #HumanRights #AWomansChoice #HandMaidsTale ❌."


One person said this about the debate: "I see both sides. Yes, I’m a man, but that doesn’t mean I can’t/don’t have a valid opinion. Outside of rape, incest, and medical necessity, I don’t believe in abortion. Abstinence, condoms, diaphragms, and birth control pills can all help prevent unwanted pregnancies. I would bet that the majority of abortions are not because of rape but instead because someone got pregnant by a man she didn’t want to have a baby with. Some abortions are also had when the father wants the child. While the woman’s body is hers, that baby she is carrying belongs to two people. The law doesn’t require the father to agree with the decision. No one is out here waving the flag for the inequities fathers experience."

Another commenter stated: "I"m becoming increasingly fearful to be a woman in this country. This is a huge backslide for human rights & I"m afraid for what Congress will decide to change next. Health insurance isn"t accessible to all, neither is birth control, abortions are endangered, and there"s no government support for forced birth situations. I truly feel an unwanted child will suffer infinitely more than it would if the pregnancy was terminated. If men gave birth, abortion would not even be a topic of discussion. Period!#JustOnePersonsOpinion"

This follower claimed: "Because they don’t understand that there is a living thing inside of them. It’s not THEIR body. That little baby’s body is NOT the mother"s body. It’s because they are heartless and if they believe abortion is okay, then that means suicide is okay right? Because it’s their choice."

Will celebrities be able to move public opinion on this issue?

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