Thursday, May 2, 2019

Lauren London Receives Beautiful Poem About Her Fairy Tale Love Affair With Nipsey Hussle From The Game -- Angry Critics Say The Rapper Is Doing Too Much at


"Love never dies" is an emotional poem written by The Game for Lauren London who recently lost her soulmate, Nipsey Hussle.

While thousands of people including Snoop Dogg are applauding The Game for his dedication to the late rapper and businessman, a few critics are saying that he is doing too much and should let the man rest in peace.

Here is the poem that described the incredible love story between Lauren and Nipsey:

“Love never dies.”
A poem I wrote for Lauren....... Soulmates are born
Sometimes worlds apart
As they grow, in life
there’s a magnetic energy
that pulls them closer & closer
to one another
This love knows no color
It is blind
When you find this love
there’s a sign
They say you can miss it if you blink
It might pass you by if you think
If by chance the universe aligns
with those two hearts in the same place at the same time
Then & only then will you know
that love in its purest form
has a glow
It has a touch, it has a feel
it can’t be undone
it is God’s will
Just as we’re lucky to have the gift of life
finding a soulmate is living twice
& though one day the physical must part
this love does not live in the dark
2 souls forever bonded & unbreakable seal
An everlasting strength
A heart at the peak of eternal bliss
The feeling you were born to know
The life you were born to share
The love that can never be replaced
as you were created as a pair
You & Nip found one another
As some soulmates never do
Now a picture in black & white
will always be “Nipsey Blue”. #TheMarathonContinues 🏁 #OneNipPostADayTiliFadeAway"

This critic slammed The Game: "At this point I’m starting to feel like you got Ill intentions. Let that man rest n grieve In peace you post about him more than his family. 🗣💯🤦🏽‍♂️"

Snoop Dogg had this reaction: "Cold piece 💙"

This supporter stated: "Y’all really finding a problem with this man grieving the loss of his friend/brother?! Wtf is wrong with y’all?! Everyone grieves differently...leave him alone!!! If it’s so “weird” or “disturbing” then unfollow 🤷🏽‍♀️ he’s not asking anyone to read anything he post but y’all take the time out of your day to do it then speak negatively....sick mfers smh."

Is The Game doing too much?

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