Friday, May 17, 2019

Isaac Kappy, The Man Accused Of Choking Paris Jackson, Commits Suicide -- Some People On Social Media Are Looking For Answers And Think There Is More To The Story at


Actor Isaac Kappy, who rose to prominence through his roles in Thor and Terminator: Salvation has been confirmed dead after a suicide incident.

The man has reportedly jumped off a bridge, leading to his death after being struck by a truck passing beneath him.

The actor has reportedly left a suicide note blaming himself for being a "bad guy" and admitting that he has been abusive to people around him.

Kappy was previously involved in an incident where he reportedly assaulted Paris Jackson and judging by his note; this may not have been the sole such incident in his life.

That happened last year, and there has not been much noise around the actor since.

While some were hoping that he was looking out for himself and moving on a road to recovery, that was not the case.

Many have pointed out that there should be more attention to people with mental issues in Hollywood and the world of entertainment as a whole.

Kappy"s death comes as yet another in a string of celebrity suicides in recent years, and it looks like this trend is not going to slow down anytime soon.

Moreover, while Kappy did have his issues in the public eye, nobody is happy to see him go.

Many have expressed their condolences for the actor on social media, and have echoed the above sentiments about the need for tighter control over the way people are treated in the public space.

Meanwhile, things around Kappy"s close friends and family have been quiet.

One commenter replied: "Forgive them, lord, for they know not what they do. Isaac Kappy is loved by many. A good man was taken too soon. He had many friends here on this page. I loved most about Isaac was his quirkiness. He could laugh and make others feel good even when his own life was turmoil. He spoke out, lost his standing in the hell hole known as Hollywood. He did not gain a thing from speaking out for the sake of children. He didn"t ask for $10 million to name names in a movie starring himself. No offense Corey. He sacrificed a lot, including his personal safety. To honor his memory, I will take heed his words about taking good care of my own soul, staying close to the light. May you have a blessed and peaceful journey, Isaac. Thank you for your sacrifices and for sharing yourself with so many of us. You will be missed, Mister. Peace."

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached at 1-800-273-8255.

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