Saturday, May 4, 2019

Carrie Underwood Opens Up About The "Big Wonderful Mess" That Is Being On Tour With Her Kids In Tow! at


The singer decided to take her 2 kids, 4 years and 3 months old, along on tour and while it’s definitely a very special and fun experience, there is no doubt that it’s also a huge mess! It must be really difficult to be on the road and working while also being responsible for young kids but Carrie Underwood is doing a great job!

That’s not to say she’s pretending it’s easy!

She explained during an interview for E! News that usually, her tours are like backdrops for other amazing milestones in her personal life.

That being said, "Our first day of the Storyteller tour, my son Isaiah walked for the very first time, that is always such a memorable milestone. Now he is 4 and we are on the Cry Pretty tour and I just know we are going to have many more milestones with him and with Jacob, who is three months old.’

The songstress explained that having a job that lets her bring her kids along and have them experience it makes her heart really happy.

She noted that ‘My work and my life kind of collide all together and it just makes for a big wonderful mess.’

And while her newest addition to the family is too young to understand what is going on, her firstborn is just starting to be very aware and that is an exciting time!

‘I think right now it is kind of a fun time because Isaiah is starting to realize what I do and that it"s not normal. He will hear my songs on the radio or another kid at school says, "I saw your mom on TV!" He might actually get to catch part of the show this time. He was in bed when the last one started so maybe he will get to see a couple of songs.’

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