Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Rena Riffel, Of "Showgirls" Movies Fame, Blesses Fans With Alluring Bathing Suit Pictures On Social Media Leaving Them Wanting More -- See Why She Was Able To Remain Relevant Throughout The Years at


It looks like Mulholland Drive and Showgirls actress Rena Riffel has not lost the desire to show off her body, as she recently posted a series of photos in a very revealing red bikini for her fans to see.

Moreover, it seems that she has been taking good care of her body too, and many people noted that she looked fantastic for her age.

The actress is currently 50, but according to many comments on social media, even most 20-year-olds would be jealous of her figure.

One fan had this to say on her sizzling photos: "I also hate when the paparazzi catch me getting out the jacuzzi. Lol, you look great and like your having fun!"


A second enthusiastic supporter added: "You look very lovely and. Good modeling in this pic."

A third supporter shared: "Hi, my beautiful friend. Wow! You look so fantastic and awesome as always, dear lovely friend 💋💋💋💋."

This fourth commenter chimed in: "Naturally beautiful. You are blessed. Keep that smile, beautiful!"

Another person explained: "I"m not fluent in emoji speak but is the peach supposed to be an awesome ass?"

The actress rose to fame with her role in Showgirls in 1995, a film that also showed off her body quite a lot.

She then moved on to direct Trasharella a decade later and took the leading part in it, while she also accepted a role in the sequel to Showgirls that came out a few years after.

According to sources reportedly close to Riffel, she has been enjoying her life quite a lot after working hard in her career and has been harvesting the fruit of her labor in recent years.

Moreover, yet, she has not given up on the idea of maintaining her body in good shape in the slightest, as is evident by her recent appearances.


Can fans expect to see her in even more upcoming films featuring revealing scenes?

There has been some debate over that, and it looks like most would be happy to see her in a role like that.

Still, fans have not heard anything from Riffel herself regarding her current plans for the future of her career.

One thing is clear; her alluring pictures are still in high demand regardless of where she takes her acting career next.

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