Friday, May 10, 2019

Ben Simmons Is Reportedly Worried And Confused As Girlfriend Kendall Jenner And Her Ex Harry Styles Reunite At The Met Gala at


It sounds like Kendall Jenner’s rumored boyfriend Ben Simmons is pretty confused after the KUWK star’s reunion with her ex, Harry Styles while they were both at the Met Gala! Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that Ben is starting to doubt the two are not ‘more than friends.’

As fans know, on May 6, the supermodel and the singer ran into each other at the annual Met Gala and seeing them together once more has definitely been something their shippers have been looking forward to.

But that was not even all! There have also been reports that Kendall and Harry were the last ones to leave the same after-party and it seems like Ben is unsure what is going on and what he should believe.

A source dished via HollywoodLife that he ‘is confused that Kendall seemingly spent the night with Harry. He can’t help but wonder if Kendall and Harry are more than friends or if it is something else.’

What makes things even worse is that his confusion regarding his and Kendall’s relationship comes just as his Philadelphia 76ers are close to getting eliminated from the NBA Playoffs.

Naturally, no one wants him to be distracted by any drama and not give his all on the court.

‘Ben is fighting to win the NBA playoffs and trying not to be distracted by his off the court personal life. But it makes him feel uncomfortable to learn about Kendall and Harry together at the Met because he really likes Kendall a lot. He is doing his best to focus on work and doesn’t have time or energy to worry about Kendall,’ the same insider stated.

They added that ‘if his team gets knocked out of the playoffs, or anything short of a Finals championship, he fears he may get blamed in the locker room for bringing the Kardashian curse on his team.’

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