Thursday, May 2, 2019

Shanina Shaik, A Victoria’s Secret Model, Keeps Fans Up At Night With Her Curves, But The Pictures Do Not Tell The Whole Story -- She Still Wants More at


Shanina Shaik -- best known for her modeling work for Victoria’s Secret -- has been preparing her body for the summer and has been quite fond of showing it off on social media.

The model has been very active on Instagram, where she pointed out that she has been putting a lot of effort into preparing herself for the coming season, and was excited to show off the results of her hard work.

A recent photograph shows her posing on a beach at dusk, in a dimly-lit scene at what looks like a private beach party.

Many have commented on her appearance positively, with some begging for her to share her secrets about weight loss and staying in shape.

From the looks of it though, it all boils down to discipline and a good workout routine.

The model has these things, and they explain her success in the industry. Here is how she was able to make it in America: "I didn’t have any family or friends when I moved to the States. Even to this day, it can be really hard. When it came time for my wedding, it was difficult for me to prepare without having my mom or any of my family present with me to enjoy that time. Thankfully, I have amazing girlfriends who supported me along the way. And even the relationship I have with my husband. My job can take me away from him for a long time. I’m still making sacrifices for my job."

She added: "I didn’t look like the typical Australian beachy girl with blonde hair. I had to move to New York to get a job. And at times I didn’t fit into a category of a look. I wasn’t Caucasian, I wasn’t black, I wasn’t Asian. But at the same time, that’s what makes my look so unique. And in that sense, it has helped me to be booked for other jobs. But certainly, there were times that I just didn’t get the jobs I wanted. Rejection is really hard to deal with in our industry."

Shaik has reportedly been using a popular regime to stay in shape and has expressed great satisfaction with pilates in her recent posts.

She has previously expressed a positive attitude towards the routine and has recommended it to others on multiple occasions, but this is one of the first occasions where fans are seeing actual recent results of her work.

The model is also apparently using the routine to get ready for the next round of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, an annual event which gathers many fashion lovers on a regular basis and remains a hotbed for discussions related to the fashion scene.

It will be interesting to see this year’s appearances and the changes in overall style. Will you be watching?

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