Sunday, May 5, 2019

Bella Thorne, Is That You? "Modern Family" Star Ariel Winter Is Not A Brunette Anymore -- See The Drastic Change That Has Everyone Buzzing at


Ariel Winter was spotted touting a new style, and some have jokingly pointed out that she looks quite similar to Ariel from Disney"s works.

The Modern Family star was spotted with a shiny new red haircut, as well as a stunning set of clothes that outlined her curves and accentuated her beauty in all places.

She had just gotten out of a hair salon, one that is particularly popular among celebrities of her rank, according to reports.

Ariel seems quite fond of experimenting with her hair, and it is not the first time fans have seen her trying out a new style.

It looks like she is mellowing out a little bit at this point though, as she is not sporting styles as extravagant as the ones supporters have seen in the past.

At the same time, she has been getting closer and closer to finding a truly unique style that works for her and presents her in the amazing way that she deserves.

Some have pointed out that they are going to miss her brunette hairstyle, which has become somewhat iconic for her appearance.

One commenter stated: "Wow. It"s done really really well. Hell, they even did her brows! Looks very natural."

Another follower continued with: "Doesn"t even look like her, even aside from the hair color."

A third person added: "Did she get another reduction? She looks so much skinnier now."

Her presence on the set of Modern Family was mostly associated with one particular look, which some fans will find it hard to move away from.

Still, a lot can happen by the time the next season of the show comes around, and it is possible that the producers might have a surprise in store for their fans regarding Ariel and her new looks.

Here is what an insider told Hollywood Life about Ariel and the future of the comedy series: "[Ariel and her co-star Sarah] are excited and scared of the unknown but they love that they can go out on their own terms and finish the story as it should be finished."

In any case, many people are ready for the new season of the production and have been quite excited about it.

What do you think of the young actress" new hairdo?

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