Thursday, May 30, 2019

Tiffany Haddish Says She"d Secretly Record Her Casting Directors After Auditions - Here"s What They"d Say About Her! at


Usually, actors turn off their phones during important things like auditions. However, as it turns out, Tiffany Haddish does the opposite!

During a brand new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the comedian and actress revealed that ‘I"d put my phone on voice memo and just put it in my bag. I would do the audition, walk out of the room and leave my bag. Then I would come back and be like, "Oh, I forgot my purse in there."’

That is so smart!

It sounds like Haddish really wants to know what people think about her – no filtered feedback from the agent afterwards, just their raw opinions!

As you can imagine, sometimes, the impressions shared directly by the casting directors is as candid as they come since they do not know that they are being listened in to and it can also be filled with insults and offensive words.

Either way, the funny woman wants to hear it like it is.

As for things that have been said about her on the secret recordings, Haddish shared a few such as: ‘She is not as urban as I thought she would be.’ / ‘She"s so ghetto, I just cannot.’ / ‘Her boobs are not big enough.’ / ‘I really think that we should just go with a white girl. This role should be changed to white.’ Yikes to all of those!

Maya Rudolph, who was also being interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter at the same time, was curious to know: ‘Wait, how many rooms did you leave it in?’

‘A lot. It was like my M.O.,’ Haddish admitted.

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