Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Princess Love Shares Sweet Picture With Boogotti And Writes Emotional Message To Ray J"s Mom, Sonja, Dad, Willie, And Sister Brandy Norwood For Helping Her Find Him at


Boogotti is back and Princess Love, the wife of businessman Ray J, could not be happier. For almost one month, Princess Love has been shedding tears over her beloved dog, Boogotti.

Melody Norwood had the adorable pet for almost a decade, and while she was abroad, criminals stole the animal.

The reality TV star and model said at the time: "Still searching for our Boogotti! His brothers and sisters miss him 💔🐾🐾 He was last seen being picked up in Woodland Hills, CA. There’s is still a REWARD out. He’s a tiny 3 pound, 6-year-old Maltese. To report any sightings, info or tips, please contact and follow #BringBoogottiHome on Facebook."

Fast forward to this week; Princess Love got very emotional as she thanked Ray J"s mother, Sonja, father Willie, and sister Brandy Norwood for helping her find her beloved furry friend.

She said: "A lot of tears yesterday! After 20 days, Boogotti is finally home with his family! I can’t go into detail because there’s an open criminal investigation going on, but let’s just say he’s safe now! Thank you for all the prayers and positive words. To anyone who has lost a pet, never stop searching! Every day is a day closer! ❤️ Follow our Facebook page Bring Boogotti Home for updates! And @fl2caligirl you’ve been the real MVP in this whole thing, thank you for dedicating all of your time helping us find Boogotti!! @rayj @sonjanorwood @vocalcoachnorwood @4everbrandy #GODisGood."

One perplexed person asked this question about the criminal investigation: "A criminal investigation for a damn dog?????? I’m missing something obviously; I’m so confused."

A supporter shared: "God is good!!!! My love this has been weighing heavy on me bc I told you losing my last dog felt like losing a family member. Of course, you’re gorgeous on the outside but look at how you fight for those you love. Warrior!!!!💯❤️"

This fan wrote: "Wow. I"m surprised you guys found him. That rarely happens. I"m glad tho. Thank you, Lord.❤️❤️Now place a picture of Melody😍 up here to cheer everybody up."

An Instagram user had this to say: "Wow!! Yes!!! This just made me so emotional! I’m so glad you found him!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️God bless you there"s nothing like a family member coming back home welcome home Boogotti."

This fifth backer stated: "Omg, I can’t believe he was gone all that. I so glad he’s home tho. I have a dog, so I know the feeling. You should consider getting a chip in him tho. 💖"

The family has some big plans for the upcoming months.

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