Friday, May 31, 2019

Eminem"s Daughter, Hailie Scott, Shows Off Her Assets And Cleavage In Plunging Dress -- The Alluring Picture Is A Treat For Fans at


Summer ready! Eminem"s model and brilliant daughter, Hailie Scott, has taken the opportunity to flaunt her much-talked-about figure in a series of dresses.

The social media influencer confessed that she is more of a pants girl, but as of lately, she has been falling in love with flirty dresses.

In her latest fashion post, Hailie wore a sizzling red, orange, and black dress; and she used the caption to explain it was from Forever 21: "I couldn’t find this forever 21 dress to link because it’s a couple of years old 😩 I was able to link some similar styles & these exact shoes though. 10/10 would recommend these comfy heels 😋 Also, hope everyone enjoys their weekend! This is a perfect brunch look!"

One fan said: "You look so beautiful 😍 You should use dresses more often, love you 💕this is such a fire dress!! Must it be warming up for you in Detroit then? Every time I like a photo, I feel em is writing lyrics about how he wants to kill me. 🙈"

Another commenter stated: "Gorgeous dress 💃🏻 , bright colors are so your thing! ❤️ Wish I could wear a dress, but Melbourne is way too cold right now 😭Hailie can you do a tutorial on how you do your hair? Or what is this hairstyle called 😻"

This person praised Hailie for promoting affordable yet sexy looks: "I am truly impressed by @hailiejade. Obviously and unfortunately I don’t know her personally. But the way she presents herself in Instagram makes me feel like she is a really nice young woman with right values and good goals. We all know who her father is, and she could easily post pictures of her luxurious and fancy life, her house, her cars, her holidays and her Gucci, Prada, LV handbags. But instead she is working hard, she inspires with sports videos, she posts fashion from forever 21 which is affordable for most of us fans, and she is not trying to convince young girls that “makeup is life.” We don’t see her partying and drinking and showing off. Shout out to @hailiejade for being so amazing and humble. My biggest respect and I wish more privileged bloggers would be the way she is."

Hailie is definitely going places.

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