Thursday, May 9, 2019

Porsha Williams Announces Fans That Baby PJ Will Finally Make Her TV Debut This Sunday - See Her Video at


Just the other day, Porsha Williams managed to make fans extremely happy. She revealed that she"s finally allowing her baby PJ to have her TV debut via her special edition called Porsha"s Having a Baby.

Fans have been dreaming for this moment for quite a while now and this Sunday, it"s finally happening, and people will get to see Porsha and Dennis" baby"s face.

"I’m so excited to announce my little peach ( PJ ) @pilarjhena will be making her tv debut this Sunday on #PorshasHavingABaby 😩❤️" Porsha captioned the clip that she shared on her social media.

In the video, fans can see her driving a car and the fact that she was not wearing her seatbelt worried fans.

Someone commented "Yes! We were real close to suing you for emotional distress. 😁 We are anxious to see our InstaNiece. 🤗❤️"

Another fan said "I started catching up today sis can’t wait to see it all you’re such a natural. 😍♥️"

One follower wrote "I still can"t believe a certain someone had the nerve to come after your pregnant body. You look gorgeous." As you probably know by now, the person was referring at NeNe Leakes who body shamed Porsha.

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Someone criticized Porsha and said "No seatbelt and a cell phone on your lap. A little dangerous don"t you think? I only mention this for you and your babies safety. Please be careful."

A fan believes that Porsha needs her own show: "So happy for you. You look genuinely happy! You need your OWN show after the baby special."

One commenter priased her beauty and told Porsha "At least you look beautiful when you’re pregnant, and you’re glowing."

Make sure to stay tuned on Bravo TV this Sunday to meet baby PJ.

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