Tuesday, May 28, 2019

T.I."s Son, Domani Harris, Rises To The Occasion Wearing Sloppy Dreads, Dirty Adidas, And Grey Jogging Pants -- Read Why Tiny Harris" Husband Is Proud Of The Aspirant Rapper at lxbr.info


As always, T.I. is very proud of his children when they accomplish great things, but when it comes to his 17-year-old son, Domani Harris, he is ecstatic because he was not sure that he would see that day.

Tiny Harris" husband took to social media where he posted a break down of how much of a struggle it was for the teen to find the strength and determination to graduate high school.

Domani, who is a talented artist, found the school system useless and fought to graduate most surprisingly.


The rapper said: "Yeah, yeah...Of course, I’m proud of you for graduating @domaniharris1... But even more than that...I’m proud of you for finding a way to fight the constant urge to say “F’this School Sh*t” (like I did🤦🏽‍♂️) & found a way to dig deep & do for your Moms & Pops what I was never able to do for mine .... walk across that stage, receive your diploma & successfully complete this phase of your education. You’ve shown me, your moms, your brothers, sisters,(& just about everyone else who’s heard your philosophy of how useless the things High School had to offer you would be in the real world...) That just because you disagree with one of life’s challenges, doesn’t mean you won’t rise to the occasion and kick ass in ‘Grand Harris’ fashion. I admit that although I always knew that YOU COULD get it done, just like you have in any and everything you’ve ever set your mind to..."


He added: "I wasn’t always completely certain that YOU WOULD🤯!!!! I’m impressed and inspired by your willingness to commit yourself to the tedious task of succeeding at doing some shit you genuinely disagree with. And while I may agree with you about the lack of purpose & diversity in the curriculum of our school systems...Although I too struggle to find the value in most of the lies & redundant workforce programming does to the minds of most students, I absolutely see the value in graduation. It means all the BS didn’t break you & you beat the system at its own game!!! Congratulations Son... With Love & Respect!!!! You did it!!! And you did the Shit YOUR WAY!!! Down to the sloppy dreads, dirty Adidas, & grey jogging pants you wore today🤷🏾‍♂️😂🤯
Can’t wait to see what you’re able to do now that this “BS School Junk”ain’t in your way. I guess “Time Will Tell” huh?😉 #TimeWillTell 6/7."

T.I. is a very caring father.

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