Thursday, May 9, 2019

Offset Is Reportedly Safe After Scary Drive-By Shooting Happens At Recording Studio While He Was There at


According to Atlanta police, Cardi B’s husband Offset is luckily safe and sound after a drive-by shooter opened fire while he was at a recording studio there. The shooting of the Atlanta studio took place yesterday at around 9 P.M. and the rapper was apparently working on some songs when it happened.

This is what the local authorities tell HollywoodLife.

One statement from them reads: ‘On May 8, at around 9:00 p.m. Atlanta Police responded to 1310 Ellsworth Industrial Pkwy to a call of shots fired. Upon arrival, the officers spoke with the reporting party who stated that while he and others were at the location, occupants of an SUV started to shoot up the building.’

They went on to share that ‘The shooting resulted in damage to 3 vehicles, the building and the window of an apartment in that area. It was first reported that someone was shot in the leg, but officers were unable to locate the gunshot victim. Investigators are working to learn the circumstances surrounding the shooting. The investigation continues.’

Sources also shared with TMZ that the shooting happened not too long after the Migos member went outside to ‘chill for a few minutes’ but it is not certain whether or not he was still out when the shooter drove by.

TMZ also reported via various sources that other people at Crossover Entertainment Group studio took cover in another room and stayed there until after the gunshots stopped.

As for Offset, the police was unable to question him since he left before their arrival.

The security cameras were able to capture a dark SUV speeding by and one person leaning outside the passenger side window, obviously armed. So scary!

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