Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker Have The Most Talented Son - Check Out Ace Wells Tucker"s Latest Achievement In This Video at


Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are really proud of their baby boy, Ace Wells Tucker. The kid is wonderful and he"s the fastest learner ever.

Not too long ago, his parents revealed people that he"s getting better and better at Mandarin and fans were shocked.

Now, Kandi shared a new video with another one of Ace"s talents and you can see it below.

"My baby @acewellstucker is almost ready for his game! ⚾️" Kandi captioned her post.

Someone gushed over Kandi and said "Kandi u been the content queen on YouTube🌪 1st the speak on it and now breakfast club you are all over my YouTube suggest video list turn that shade tree to a money tree I ain’t mad."

One follower said that "The Coach is on 1,000. Meanwhile, Ace is #unbothered in the midst of the foolishness just like Todd. 😩🤣 I love it!"

Another person posted this: "This is adorable, do they offer this program on the northwest side of Atlanta?!? My son just turned 4 & I think he would love this! ⚾️"

One fan also gushed over Ace and told Kandi "They are so cute and funny at this age. Have fun Ace!"

Kandi recently had a Q&A with her daughter Riley Burruss and shared a short video on her social media account. Fans appreciated it and tell Kandi that they can definitely see her having her own show.

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