Saturday, May 4, 2019

Tiny Harris And Husband T.I. Delight Fans With Sweet Heiress Video Being A Smarty Pants In An Imaginary Restaurant With Zonnique Pullins at


Another reason for Tiny Harris and her husband and activist to be very proud -- baby Heiress.

Big sister Zonnique Pullins recently took to social media and she posted a sweet video where she is having the sweetest exchange with Heiress.

Zonnique is playing pretend restaurant with the 3-year-old cutie pie who orders a ton of food for herself and her imaginary friend.

When Heiress learns that the total is 30 dollars she tells Zonnique that she only has 15 dollars. Fans are applauding Deyjah Harris" baby sister for being as well spoken as her father, T.I.P.

One person stated: "She talks great for her age ✊🏾Don"t hold your breath sweetheart...the icecream machine always "down"😂😂😂😂. No crop tops, makeup, purse or heels and she still behaves like an educated child. Gotta respect her family for raising a young Queen.🙌🏽"

This supporter claimed that Heiress needs a coupon: "Lil sis needed a coupon 😂😂😂 too cute! Yes, baby you better count! Lmao, this teaching life lessons right here. 😍😂"

This third backer shared: "She’s a brilliant baby 😍She is so articulated!!!! Just like her thesaurus Daddy."

In related Tiny news, she has released a new single titled “I F–kin Hollywood Life and said that she will be releasing new songs under her alter ego, Ryder, who is a character she invented to have fun in the bedroom with T.I.P.

She revealed: “I started to bring her out a little more, as far as in my music, because my music talks about my relationship, my life, and the things I go through, and things that other people go through.”

All of this sounds interesting.

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