Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Porsha Williams" Latest Photo With Dennis McKinley Has Fans Saying He Lost Weight at lxbr.info


Porsha Williams shared a photo with her beloved man, Dennis McKinley and both of them look stunning. Her fans are praising Dennis for losing weight, and they"re gushing over the cute couple.

Not to mention that they are also praising Porsha for her rapid snapback after she gave birth to baby PJ.

"You got the best of my love 👑" Porsha captioned her photo.

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Someone said about Dennis: "He looks like he lost weight😍😍😍Y"all look so good together...I love it😍😍You Really Showed Me To Never Give Up On Love... You Really Got Everything You Ask for and then some."
Another commenter said "Porsha you are so beautiful!! My favorite RHOA always 💞💞👑"

Someone else praised the couple and said "Looking good together, you got your king 👑 and he got his queen 👸 and princess. God is good, seal it by Gods blessing. 👏, celebrate good times and the gift from God, that beautiful baby 👶"

One other fan posted "I’ve watched and supported you since the day you joined real housewives of ATL and trust me you deserve all you have today, and all your about to build and grow with this good man by your side in your next chapter 💯 those hard days were only preparing you to identify and truly embrace the very best you actually deserved waiting around the corner for you 💯❤️"

A commenter wrote "Porsha is snapping back like she didn’t just give birth 8weeks ago 💅🏾 go ahead sis ✨" while another fan gushed over her: "So happy for you @porsha4real, you deserve your happily ever after!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Someone else also brought up PJ and said "What a good looking power couple with a beautiful daughter! Much love to you both! 😍😍"

The couple attended a charitable event.

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