Saturday, May 4, 2019

Charlize Theron Dishes On Supposed Angelina Jolie Feud at


According to a report from, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie aren"t in a feud at all, despite reports to the contrary. At least, that"s what Charlize said during her interview on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen last night alongside her mother and Seth Rogen and his mom.

During the joint interview with the comedic actor, Charlize gave her take on the rumors, saying she doesn"t actually know Angelina Jolie very well, but from what she has seen and experienced, Angelina seems like nothing but a lovely person.

Angelina told the host of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that it was a case of the media pitting two celebrities against each other and creating drama where there is none. While admitting she doesn"t know her, Charlize said, "...but she"s never been nothing but gracious and lovely and warm."

As it was previously reported, rumors of bad blood between the two actresses started in January of this year after it was insinuated that Charlize and Brad Pitt were out for drinks together one evening, despite Brad quitting alcohol. It was reported that the Fight Club alum was drinking a non-alcoholic beverage.

Moving on to other gossips, Charlize explained she never turned down the role of Wonder Woman either, putting down the speculative murmurs once and for all. Charlize said to the host of Watch What Happens Live that it was an example of sexism/ageism against women in Hollywood.

The star said she was told there was potential for her to be Wonder Woman"s mother, but not Wonder Woman, herself. At the moment, Charlize Theron is gearing up to play a presidential candidate in Long Shot, which starts in theaters today.

As it was previously reported, Charlize was alongside Seth Rogen and his mother during an episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen last night. During the chat, Charlize admitted to actually experimenting with drugs at one point in her life, notably her 20s.

Moreover, speaking with Howard Stern on his radio show this past week, Charlize said she used to wake up every day and smoke weed, until one day she noticed she had become an incorrigible bore.

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