Thursday, May 30, 2019

Liam Payne Confesses That One Direction"s Music Has Never Been Something He Would Listen To at


Liam Payne got candid about a few things in his life including his Agoraphobia, One Direction as well as fatherhood and still figuring that one out! Here’s what the 25 year old singer had to say!

Even though Liam is still very young, his long career makes it seem like he’s already lived a lifetime.

While he rose to fame with One Direction, the boyband is now on an indefinite hiatus so he has started his own solo career and he has done so successfully.

Regardless, it appears that the artist is yet to find his style.

During an interview with Esquire Middle East, Liam dished that ‘‘Strip That Down" was amazing and I was very happy about the success of it—but it did not necessarily paint the right picture of who I actually am.’

That being said, he explained that the kind of music he released with One Direction was not his style either.

‘When we did the band stuff it was very—you kind of knew your audience very well. We would usually sell a tour out before we had even done an album. And then [the record producers] would go: "Right, you are doing stadiums." And then you would go: "Okay, so we need longer choruses—the sort of songs people can chant in a stadium." You had to sort of write around the tour,’ he explained.

Payne admitted that it was a really ‘backwards’ method but that it was easier to write in that sort of situation since they knew what they were going for – hit after hit.

He even confessed that it’s not the type of music he’d listen to – he just knew ‘how to make it.’

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