Saturday, May 4, 2019

Jenelle Evans" Friends Are Scared She Won’t Divorce David Eason Despite Shooting Her Dog - Here"s The Reason! at


The Teen Mom star did mention that after her husband fatally shot her French bulldog, she is seriously considering filing for divorce – as she should! However, her close pals are afraid she might not actually go through with it and think they know the reason why!

There is no doubt that Jenelle Evans and David Eason have had a pretty controversial relationship but the killing of poor Nugget may have been the last straw for the reality TV star, who usually defends him no matter how much he messes up.

So is Jenelle going to leave David after what he did?

During an interview with HollywoodLife, she confessed that she’s thinking about that option.

But one source tells the news outlet that ‘Despite Jenelle publicly claiming she’s considering a divorce from David, friends of hers are worried that she’s just putting on a front to avoid facing more criticism from fans. They feel Jenelle will eventually work things out with David. Jenelle has always stood by David and friends fear that it would take a whole lot more for her to leave him for good.’

‘They think it’s an unhealthy situation for Jenelle and her kids, and wishes she would make the decision to divorce him once and for all, and not just put the threats out there that she’s thinking about it.’

As fans know, Jenelle and David share one child together, 2 year old daughter Ensley.

She is also the mother of two boys – 9 year old Jace and 4 year old Kaiser from previous relationships.

David has a daughter with someone else as well - Maryssa, age 11.

Do you think Jenelle should go ahead and end things with her controversial husband or not?

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