Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Rihanna Enlists Mother Monica To Promote Her Fashion Line With Stunning Pictures -- Here Is Why Hassan Jameel"s Girlfriend Is Feeling A Lot Of Love at


Rihanna is close to launching her first fashion line, Fenty, and she has been gearing up for the big day with all she has.

Recent reports indicate that she has even gotten her mom, Monica Braithwaite, on board to help with promotion.

So far though, it does not look like Rihanna is going to need any significant help in this regard.


Her line is already enjoying quite a lot of attention online, and many people are eager to see it for real on Wednesday.

The singer could be seen together with her mom in a recent photo shoot featuring both of them wearing clothes from the Fenty line. Many comments on the photos have pointed out how stylish both women looked, and there is a lot of positivity towards Rihanna’s brand so far in general.

However, she has quite the battle ahead of her still. Breaking into the fashion world is no easy feat, even for someone with an established reputation in the public eye.


Hassan Jameel"s girlfriend has many supporters right now; there is no denying that.

However, whether her brand will manage to see real success is hard to tell, and she will have to work hard to make this dream a reality.

From what fans have seen so far, though, that does not seem to be an issue for her.

RiRi is visibly determined to push this through to the end, and she has been putting a lot of effort into developing that brand from the ground up for a while now.


It would make no sense for her to slow down right now.

One supporter stated: "Rihanna, did you think we would venerate her with all those photos on the timeline? You are right! ❤🔥"

A second follower chimed in: "Yes, the glasses Momma Fenty is wearing is better for my face because I didn’t think the other frames would work, but I intended on buying them anyway!"

Another fan added: "Can’t wait to make my momma this proud !!! You just keep on winning & I"m here for all of it !! Keep winning my love, can’t wait to meet you! 🦋🦋🦋🦋"

This commenter continued with: "This have no idea how much I love it please post more for the rest of eternity."

Supporters are very excited about the launch.

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