Thursday, May 9, 2019

Future"s Baby Mama, Eliza Reign, Shares First Picture Of Their Daughter, Reign, And Takes A Shot At Critics Debating Her Single Mother Status at


Meet Reign Wilburn, the newborn daughter of rapper Future.

To respond to all who had any doubts that Eliza Reign is Future"s newest baby mama -- she has decided to share the first pictures of her daughter and reveal that she is carrying her father"s last name. Future"s real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn.

In several posts on social media, Eliza made it clear that Future was not interested in having this baby. She also revealed that she was not eager to give baby Reign her dad"s family name.

However, it seems that after thinking it through she opted to make sure that her daughter knows where she came from.

After giving birth, she penned this heartfelt message about her labor pains: "This pregnancy was absolutely the toughest, most humbling, yet beautiful experience of my life. I went through hell and back. Health complications seemingly from day one. Lost friends, money, opportunities, and even some of the little bit of sanity I thought I had 😂. However, this journey taught me to be more understanding, observant, forgiving, and most importantly PATIENT 😩. There were times I felt so alone and would look down at my belly and immediately cheer up, knowing she’s hanging in there with me through all of the stress and drama. She’s truly been my protection and kept me strong and going. There were moments I began to doubt myself, but my spirit wouldn’t stay down, thanks to my beautiful little girl. Her annoying kicks would always be the reassurance I needed to make it through the tough days. Knowing what I know now and after looking back on my experience, I can confidently say she was well worth all the chaos. From the moment I decided to keep her, I promised myself and God that I’d show her unconditional love and teach her to be 3x the woman I am. And that’s a promise that will never be broken. I’m super excited and blessed to get a chance to love and guide this little one. I can’t stop crying tears of joy when I look at her. Thank God we made it.❤️"

She also took a shot at the people calling her single mother: "According to the comments, I’m the only single mother on the gram. 😩😂😂"

One fan said: "Her name should be Beautiful 😍😍She’s the only kid that actually looks like her dad. 😍"

Another commenter stated: "I don"t usually see the resemblance, but my gosh she has her daddy"s face 🤗... hopefully, she has her mummy"s strength 💪🏾... congratulations Queen shes so beautiful. 🤗♥️"

Future is showing no signs of slowing down in that area.

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