Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Beth Chapman Claims That Some Family Members Have Made Her Battle With Cancer Even Harder - Details! at


Beth Chapman has been feuding with her stepdaughter amid her battle with cancer and the whole negativity has apparently been making the situation much harder for her. Apparently, it’s affected her health a lot!

Being positive while having cancer is believed to be a great help towards beating the illness.

That being said, it sounds like Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife and 31 year old stepdaughter Lyssa Chapman’s beef is not doing her any favors.

Her reveal took place when one fan decided to open up to Beth about their own struggle with cancer and unsympathetic family members.

‘I am fighting breast cancer. Some family members are just awful. Somebody in my family claims that it"s just drama when you"re so sick in hospital from treatments and almost die is far from drama. [Beth] you"re in my prayers. Stay strong,’ they wrote.

Soon after, Beth responded, saying: ‘Yes I agree there is very insensitive talk that goes on amongst family members that is not appropriate for the person going through it. It actually makes things worse.’

While she did not name drop her stepdaughter, this comes after Lyssa posted a pic that blended ‘Thank You’ and ‘F**k You’ together and wrote in the caption ‘Thanks for your opinion.’

Before this post, Beth accused her of failing to invite Duane and her to the high school graduation of their granddaughter, as well as wish her a Happy Mother"s Day.

‘I’m very disappointed today. Knowing that not only did [Lyssa] not acknowledge me on Mother’s Day yet she texted a few of my friends to wish them a Happy Mother"s Day. She decides to exclude her dad and I from [Lyssa’s daughter Abbie Mae"s] graduation…. I would"ve moved a mountain to be there.’

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