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Shiloh Pitt Can"t Wait To Celebrate Her Birthday At Brad Pitt"s House As Well When Her Dad Comes Back From Europe! at


As fans know, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is already 13 years old! That being said, her birthday took place while her father, Brad, was in Europe so he was not able to attend her party.

No worries, though! One source tells HollywoodLife that she is looking forward to his return so that they can have a ‘low-key’ celebration at his house as well.

Shiloh had a big party thrown by her mom Angelina Jolie to mark her first year as a teenager but rumor has it that she would like something more mellow with her dad, and that he is totally a fan of that as well.

‘Brad’s more about quality time with his children than he is about spoiling them with stuff but of course he will be getting Shiloh presents for her birthday. She is still really into skateboarding so anything skate-related is always on her list,’ the insider shared with the news outlet.

Speaking of, the actor went as far as to build a skate park in his backyard for the kids, since they love skating so much.

The source went on to dish that ‘She loves guitars as well, that is something she and Brad bond over. And she is all about computers and tech stuff right now too, loves gadgets and computer games.’

The father of six, daughter Shiloh and son Pax would often come to LA’s Guitar Center and just check out the guitars and play a lot of instruments.

The insider assured the site that Shiloh is ‘crazy about her father, so spending time with him is at the top of her list. She is not a demanding kid at all. A low-key party at Brad’s Los Feliz house with some cake and games is all she’s asked for.’

Ciara Reveals Her Deepest Fear To Jada Pinkett Smith On Red Table Talk at


Ciara has revealed her deepest fear to Jada Pinkett Smith, and it is oh so relatable.

While appearing on Smith"s Red Table Talk show, the singer got candid about fear, pain and the love she has experienced in her life.

"The one thing I fear in life is really wasting my life, wasting my time. I really fear that" the 33-year-old explained in a preview clip for the interview.

Keeping in line with her fear, Ciara admits there are times when it is tough for her to determine the correct direction, she wants life to take her. Like so many people, the easy road or way seemed to call her name, but the mother of two was torn because easy does not always equal right.

The fear of not wasting her life puts a lot of pressure on Russell Wilson"s wife when it comes to balancing her career and family. She does not want one to suffer, as she strives to make all of her dreams a reality.

Along with having a killer music career and a smoking hot football-playing husband, Ciara is a mom to 2-year-old daughter Sienna, with Wilson and 5-year-old son Future, with her ex-boyfriend rapper, Future. She is extremely busy, to say the least, which is why Ciara has a mental process she goes through to help make the best decisions for her life at the moment, as well as for the future.

It has been quite the journey for Ciara, going from some deep-rooted scars to being in a loving marriage, while working hard at her music career. She touches on her struggles, as she opens up to Smith, who is no stranger to difficult journey"s.

Mom, singer, and wife are not the only titles Ciara is working on right now. She is adding student to her list. People magazine was the first to report, Ciara was accepted into Harvard University"s Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports earlier this month. Oh, and she also recently launched her own production company, adding another element to her already busy but fulfilling life.

Ciara is sharing her most significant fear with her fans, who can learn more when the singer appears on Jada Pinkett Smith"s Red Table Talk on Monday. The interview will give fans a glimpse into the woman behind the musical hits and massive success.

Can you relate to Ciara"s fear about wasting time and life?

Orpah Winfrey’s Boyfriend Stedman Graham Reveals The Secret That Makes Their Relationship Work After Decades Together at


Stedman Graham is sharing the one secret to his romance with Oprah Winfrey that has helped them stay together for decades.

Even though the couple is usually super private about their long-term relationship, Graham got candid on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about the romance. It is a simple secret that has helped them weather many storms over the years.

"I"m dedicated to her happiness, so that"s great for her and I want her to be the best she can possibly be, and she"s done a pretty good job of doing that," the 68-year-old author and educator shared.

Along with being dedicated to Oprah, Graham explained first and foremost that it is imperative for a person to understand his or her own identity before committing to someone else. Knowing your own aspirations is a crucial piece of being able to support a partner. It is all about balance; something Graham thinks he and his lady love have accomplished exceptionally well.

"The combination, when you have a good partner that"s able to self-actualize their potential, and you"re able to self-actualize yours, one and one equals about six," Graham shared with Ellen DeGeneres.

Relationships are a topic he tackles in his new book, Identity Leadership: To Lead Others, You Must First Lead Yourself. Graham and Winfrey have been dating for 34 years, so maintaining a good romance, especially with a powerful woman, is a subject he knows quite well.

Even though Stedman Graham is getting candid about what makes his relationship with Oprah Winfrey work after all their years together, it doesn"t mean the romance has been without its problems.

They are like any other couple who chooses to share their lives. He makes it clear they have had difficulties, but their dedication and hard work have helped them during the rough times.

Graham told the talk show host he was on board should Oprah change her mind about running for president. He thinks she would make a great politician, despite her announcing last year that she had no intention of getting into politics.

Fans got a small glimpse into how Graham truly feels about Winfrey, during his interview with DeGeneres. It was a treat to hear his thoughts on what makes their romance work. Those who want to learn more can pick up a copy of his book, which is on sale now at Amazon.

RHONY Sonja Morgan Finally Calls Out LuAnn De Lesseps In Messy Cast Trip at


The ladies of the Real Housewives of New York headed to Miami on this week"s installment of the hit reality show, and the drama unfolded between Sonja Morgan and LuAnn de Lesseps. After a night of heavy drinking, Morgan finally confronted de Lesseps about her selfish behavior, calling her a "f—king diva" on the cast trip.

"I’m sitting here with sober eyes watching this and it’s embarrassing. I don’t ever want to be like that again," de Lesseps said off-camera.

Morgan, who was almost too drunk to stand, then fired some shots at de Lesseps and said, "You"re a f—king diva." De Lesseps quickly snapped back and said she is not a diva before exiting the room. As she left, de Lesseps told Morgan that she refuses to talk to her when she"s drunk and "f—king wasted."

The drama between the ladies started back in New York, when Morgan interrupted one of de Lesseps" cabaret rehearsals. According to All About The Tea, de Lesseps commented that Morgan was probably high when she crashed her event, which eventually got back to her co-star.

After de Lesseps asked everyone to mind their business when it comes to her cabaret act, Ramona Singer told Dorinda Medley that she should probably get a lawyer if she wants de Lesseps to drop her name from the show.

Morgan, of course, is not the only one at odds with de Lesseps. During a shopping trip prior to Miami, Morgan, Medley and Bethenny Frankel talked about de Lesseps" growing ego and how she needs to stop acting like a diva before things get out of hand. Based on how everything went this week, it looks like the drama is only getting started.

In next week"s episode of RHONY, Sonja Morgan will do her best to sober up while everyone enjoys a day exploring the city. Mario is also expected to make a brief cameo.

New episodes of the Real Housewives of New York air Wednesday nights on Bravo.

KUWK: Wendy Williams Tells Khloe Kardashian She Should Never Reunite With Lamar Odom And Why! at


Wendy Williams has some advice for Khloe Kardashian – never give ex-husband Lamar Odom a second chance! As you may know, just yesterday, the man admitted to hoping that one day, he and the KUWK star would reunite but the talk show host thinks that is not a good idea.

Wendy has apparently read Lamar"s tell-all book, Darkness to Light and after finishing it, she’s reached this conclusion and explained why.

As far as she is concerned, Wendy sees their past relationship in a different way – that Khloe, rather than Lamar’s lover, was his ‘caretaker!’

During her show’s latest episode, Wendy addressed the Keeping Up with the Kardashians celeb, saying that she should ‘Leave that man alone!’

‘Khloe, you know what, take this the best way. This is not the time for her to feel like, ‘Yup, I cook well and he gets me.’ No, you get no points. It is really easy to seduce a guy like Lamar. He’s a really simple dude. Apparently, what he wanted [when he was with Khloe] was to get high and have someone take care of him. That doesn"t give you points as a woman,’ she added.

Wendy concluded her message by saying that ‘It just gives you points as a kind woman and a caretaker. Move on and leave this man alone!’

The host admitted that rather than being mad at Lamar, she just feels sorry for him since he’s been through a lot.

Not only did he lose his mother at the age of 12, but Lamar also had a child who died and the man had mentioned before that after the tragic loss he started using drugs.

Kodak Black"s Fans Are Hoping That He Will Turn Things Around After His Latest Legal Setback at


After being arrested for violations of federal firearms laws, Kodak Black was scheduled to have his trial in September this year.

However, the rapper will have to remain in jail for the entire duration, as authorities have deemed him a high risk for public safety.

Black has reportedly attempted to file for bail but was denied.

It looks like things are getting complicated for him quite fast on multiple fronts, as he also has other legal issues to deal with, and his problems have been accumulating at a rapid rate.


It is not known how the rapper is planning to face his new charges, but many of his fans have expressed hope that he will pull through the situation one way or another.

The incident related to weapons started when the rapper forged information when applying for a gun on a federal level.

The weapon was afterward used in criminal activity. It is not clear how the rapper was connected to the weapon, and how it has managed to make its way to the criminals in the end.

However, authorities are investigating the possibility that he is linked to the crime.

With that in mind, it looks like Black might face some serious legal trouble if he does get convicted.

Many have reached out to authorities requesting more information, but they have been met with silence.

More information will likely come to light in September after his trial is over and his sentence has been handed down -- whatever it may be.

His supporters have mixed opinions on the recent developments.

One of them stated: "Being a street nigga don"t pay these days Kodak. You got too much money to be doing all this dumb shit bro. Focus on being a business man and entertainer. I hate this shit for you. But you gotta get your shit together bro. Ain"t no love in the streets... I need you to get out on some Gucci mane shit. A changed man. Bc imma be mad if I can never heard new Kodak black songs.#freekodak."


Another commenter added: "Stop doing dumbass shit then. I fw y" all heavy, but one of y" all gon end up in a non-fixable situation and ain"t gon be shit to do about it. Gotta do better."

Will Black be able to get things right?

Kandi Burruss Goes To Tokyo With Her Daughter, Riley Burruss - Here Are The First Pics From Their Mommy-Daughter Trip at


It seems that Kandi Burruss wanted to visit Tokyo together with her girl, Riley Burruss. She shared a few pics on her social media account just to document her trip a bit for fans and followers.

"I’m having a ball hanging out with my baby girl in #Tokyo! We’ve got a million things planned. Today we started off with a cooking class with @tokyo_kitchen! Yoshimi taught us a few traditional Japanese dishes that were amazing! The sushi was really good. Hope I can remember everything she taught us. I highly recommend that you take a class with her if you visit #Tokyo! #mommydaughtertrip #KandiTrip," Kandi captioned her post.


Someone said, "I"m sure Riley is enjoying your mother/daughter vacation 😊" and another follower also gushed over the trip and wrote: "What a nice mother and daughter trip I see you"re balancing your life."

A fan asked, "Where is your stepdaughter and why is she not on this trip too," referring to Kaela Tucker, Todd"s daughter. This is not the first time that people have been inquiring about Kaela and wanted to know why she is not spending more time with Kandi and Todd.

A fan answered this to the commenter above: "Omg her step daughter has a mother, she’s probably on a trip wit her own mother the blessings of having two sets of parents hellooooo🗣🗣"

Someone gushed over Riley and said: "Kandi that child seems to have such a beautiful spirit ❤️❤️❤️"

One Instagrammer believes that these moments are precious: "I love it!! These are moments shrill cherish forever. You"re truly amazing at making sure you make time for what matters in life 💛🖤"

Kandi recently invited Tamar Braxton for a juicy chat and fans were happy to see that these two are still getting along great.

Hannah John-Kamen, Caitriona Balfe, And Helena Bonham Carter Lead Netflix"s The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance — Watch Video Trailer at


Hannah John-Kamen, Caitriona Balfe, And Helena Bonham Carter lead the cast of Netflix"s upcoming series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. The 10-part prequel to Jim Henson"s classic The Dark Crystal is already one of the summer"s most anticipated series. It will premiere on August 30, 2019, and promises to stay close to Jim Henson"s visionary script.

Netflix describes the series as follows.

"The journey begins as darkness rises. Join three Gelfling heroes on an epic quest to save their world."

Hannah John-Kamen is one of the nation"s most popular actresses right now. She plays the dual role of Ava and Ghost in Ant-Man and the Wasp and is known for her roles in Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, Ready Player One, Tomb Raider, and the television series Killjoys.

Caitriona Balfe also joins the cast and is one of the most popular actresses worldwide. Best known for playing Claire Randall in the award-winning Starz series Outlander, Caitriona will also star in the upcoming movie Ford v. Ferrari.

Helena Bonham Carter has been revered for her wide body of work for decades and has been nominated for two Oscars. Her partnership with Tim Burton has made Helena one of the go-to choices for anything fantasy-related. Helena Bonham Carter has appeared in the Harry Potter movies as Bellatrix Lestrange, the Red Queen in Tim Burton"s Alice in Wonderland movies, Mrs. Bucket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,  the Corpse Bride, and The Gruffalo.

There is no question there is an all-star cast behind The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and fans can"t wait to see the series. You can get the first look at the teaser trailer in the video player below.

Louis Leterrier and The Jim Henson Company are behind the series hence why it is so close to the original 1982 Jim Henson and Frank Oz movie The Dark Crystal. One thing that fans will appreciate is that the Netflix series holds true to its original form and there will be no CGI used in the series — as there will only be puppets.

Are you looking forward to The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance?

Mauricio Umansky Dragging Kyle Richards And Her RHOBH Co-Stars Into His Messy $32 Million Lawsuit at


Kyle Richards" husband, Mauricio Umansky, is dragging the entire cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills into a multi-million dollar lawsuit. A man is suing Umansky for real estate fraud related to a mansion that was featured on the hit reality show. If a judge agrees, the entire cast could be dragged into the messy lawsuit.

Umansky is being sued for over $30 million for fraudulent behavior in the sale of a mansion in Beverly Hills. The individual suing Umansky claims that he did not disclose the true worth of the property prior to selling it and made millions of dollars in side deals. Even worse, Umansky apparently gave Bravo permission to use the mansion for a Season 7 party on RHOBH.

According to The Blast, several cast members attended the party at the mansion while it was still on the market. This includes the likes of Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Vanderpump, Erika Girardi, and Lisa Rinna, all of whom attended the Great Gatsby bash. If a judge believes their testimony is relevant to the case, there is a chance that all four RHOBH stars will be dragged into the lawsuit.

The person suing Umansky believes that Bravo may hold key evidence in the form of communication between staff members and the real estate developer. The network has not commented on the situation.

While Umansky prepares for his fraud case, Richards recently went golfing with her husband and looked absolutely miserable alongside him. The RHOBH star posted on social media during the event and complained about the cold weather. She also admitted that she was nervous golfing alongside some celebrities at the event, including Michael Phelps, who she said was super intimidating.

Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards have not said anything about the fraud case. New episodes of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills air Tuesday nights on Bravo.

NeNe Leakes" Fans Are Debating The RHOA Star"s Nose Following Her Latest Posts at


NeNe Leakes" fans keep analyzing the RHOA star"s nose especially after she shared the latest photos on her social media account. This subject has been touched a lot of times before as well and fans seem to be really interested in it.

They"re wondering whether NeNe had cosmetic surgery or not and the opinions vary.

Someone slammed NeNe and said, "That nose😮 smh wanna be white so bad. But tell loud and ghetto."

Another follower agreed that something doesn"t seem right: "WOW pretty but looks completely different from season one 🧐"

One other person said, "I am sorry but this lady has to chill with all these facial transformations too much."

Someone else wrote, " one more facelift and one more plastic surgery away from looking like Kim Zolciak and Michael Jackson 😭💀"

Not all the people in the comments slammed her and others were curious to see how"s Gregg Leakes: "Looking good Nene,🔥how"s Mr leeks doing? hope all"s well. Stay strong and ignore naysayers"cause" they will bring out the worst in you.❤️"

Someone defended NeNe and said, "Oh my God everybody leave her nose alone it"s called makeup Contour so yeah maybe she did get a nose job but whatever makes you feel good about yourself she"s beautiful inside and out."

It was recently reported that NeNe and Cynthia Bailey will be riding the New York City Pride March float together tonight even if they have been feuding.

One insider report even claimed that neither one of them is worried about the awkwardness either.

Porsha Williams Shares New Nursery Design And Remains Quiet On The Dennis McKinley Subject, Even Though Fans Keep Asking Her What Happened at


Porsha Williams still hasn"t said a word about what happened between her and Dennis McKinley. Unfortunately, a lot of fans and outlets believe that she broke their engagement following the latest awful rumors about him that started circulating online these days.

Porsha did not address the rumors, and she"s only posting baby PJ on her social media.

"@Neffiwalker My Nursery designer thought it would be adorable to place a #lucite and gold #barcart filled with lactation bars and bottles into the design for @pilarjhena to get her milky drank on! When PJ gets older, I can repurpose it somewhere in the house to have a mimosa or two while entertaining 🖤🖤🖤🖤" Porsha captioned her post.


Someone said, "You have a gorgeous little girl! So proud you get the opportunity to be that proud mom. Keep your head up, and I am one of many got your back! Continued happiness and prosperity."

Another follower had a piece of advice for Porsha: "Accept and keep all expensive “I’m sorry” gifts and cash probably coming your way. Lock it all away somewhere safe, so none of it disappears, for a “rainy” day💕"

Someone said, "Beautiful! Hurry and come back to Dish Nation. You’re missed a lot!!!"

A lot of people have been questioning her about what happened, and they demanded answers. But more fans defended her and said that she should be left alone if she doesn"t want to talk on the subject.

A fan told the curious followers: "Why don"t yall get out of this girl personal business If she wants you to know she will tell you ... So damn DISRESPECTFUL @ PORSHA you are doing great for a first-time mother."

Porsha has also recently shared new pics with baby Pilar Jhena.

Former Teen Mom Jenelle Evans And David Eason Were Living In Filth Before They Lost Their Kids at


Jenelle Evans" downward spiral keeps getting worse. CPS recently took Evans" children away and sources now claim that the former Teen Mom star was living in filth before she and her husband, David Eason, lost their kids.

Evans is scheduled to appear in court next week to fight for the custody of her three children. Inside sources claim that Evans has no clue when she will see her kids again. Evans" children are currently living with other members of the family and are only allowed limited visitation rights. Eason also lost custody of his daughter, Maryssa, whom he had from another relationship.

"The judge told her that she was not going to be getting her children back today, and set a future court date of June 4," an insider dished.

According to Radar Online, the insider added that Eason and Evans were constantly fighting in front of the children, who were absolutely terrified by the situation. Investigators also found their home in serious disrepair, including holes in the walls. CPS got involved after Eason reportedly killed Evans" dog. This also led MTV to fire Evans from Teen Mom 2 as police officers opened an investigation into Eason"s disturbing behavior.

Sources claim that Evans is allowed to see her children but only under supervision. The former reality star can visit with each child an hour a day as long as the meetings take place inside the Department of Social Services. The children are not allowed to visit Evans" home under any circumstance.

While Evans is looking at the possibility of long-term separation from her children, insiders say that she is staying committed to Eason. There is no telling what the judge will rule next week, but things are definitely not looking good for Evans and her disturbing husband. For their children"s" sake, we can only hope things work out for the best.

In light of all the reports, Jenelle Evans has issued a statement about losing her kids. The former MTV star assured fans that she will fight for their custody and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her children back.

Kandi Burruss Has A Blast Judging The Food On Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart"s Show - See The Video at


Kandi Burruss" latest video that she shared on her social media account shows her being a part of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart"s show. She"s judging the food on this show and fans are here for it.

"Can’t wait to guest judge the #BestFriendsDay episode of @MarthaAndSnoop’s Potluck Party Challenge tonight at 10:30/9:30c featuring my good friends @marthastewart, @snoopdogg, @tiffanyhaddish & @meghan_trainor on VH1 #MarthaAndSnoop," Kandi captioned the video.


One follower gushed over Kandi and said, "“first of all, I’m hungry” I swear Kandi is my whole mood 😂😂"

Someone else posted, "Kandi is just a cool & Sweet person got to love her 💯❤️" and another fan wrote," Martha was looking like she was so over the competition anyway."

A fan told Kandi that "This thing third reality show I’ve never watched before but I am watching now because you’re in it! #CBB #Rupaul and now this one."

Another follower posted this: "Kandi you stepped in there READY!! I love it😂 Keep it up Queen✨"

One Instagrammer praised Kandi: "My favorite girl Kandi is so amazing God has truly blessed her. I just love me some Kandi. 🦋"

Not too long ago, Kandi invited Tamar Braxton for a chat and she made sure to let her fans know about this.

It"s pretty amazing that these two ladies have practically become BFFs after the Celebrity Big Brother show. People did not think that this would last, but they seem to be closer than ever.

As you already know, Tamar was even invited as a guest star on Kandi’s show that she’s been taking on tour: Welcome to the Dungeon.

Vicki Gunvalson"s Whole Family Is Reportedly On The RHOC Chopping Block After Drama At Her Engagement Party at


As Real Housewives of Orange County fans know by now, star Vicki Gunvalson allegedly had to promise an engagement and wedding to save her spot on the show. She and her boyfriend of three years, Steve Lodge, followed through on their promise and announced their engagement on April 26th, but the drama at Gunvalson’s recent engagement party reportedly has her entire family on the chopping block for next season.

According to, Bravo cameras were on hand to film the engagement party which will be RHOC’s Season 14 finale, but the crew was not happy with Gunvalson’s son, Mike Wolfsmith. He revealed on Instagram that he left the engagement party after being there for just one hour, which left the producers “p*ssssed.”

In response to a question from a follower, Wolfsmith said that producers did thank him for showing up, but they were bitter about his early exit and wished he had given them more material. Wolfsmith posted numerous pictures from the party and admitted that he was there for the minimal amount of time and he only gets paid by the day.

An insider says that Gunvalson is doing everything she can to “spice things up,” so Bravo doesn’t fire her.

“Vicki loves being on the show and all the glamorous perks that come with being a Housewife. She’s not ready to give that up,” says the source.

One of those perks is a big paycheck, and Gunvalson definitely knows how to spend that money. She recently bragged on Instagram about her expensive holiday weekend getaway to Napa Valley that included a flight on a private jet.

She told fans in her Instagram Story that she and Lodge had a great weekend together and enjoyed drinking wine at Silver Oaks Cellar - which she says is the same wine they drank when Lodge proposed - but she needed some downtime.

“I need a break from my vacation,” said Gunvalson. “I need a couple of days off.”

Vicki Gunvalson will return with her co-stars Shannon Beador, Kelly Dodd, Tamra Judge, Gina Kirschenheiter, Emily Simpson, and newbie Braunwyn Windham-Burke for Season 14 of Real Housewives of Orange County this summer on Bravo.

Tamar Braxton Is Living Her Best Life While The Tickets To Her Concert Are Sold Out - David Adefeso Asks Her To Squeeze Him In - Check Out The Video at


Tamar Braxton shared a bunch of new pics on her social media account, and she could not be any prouder after the tickets to her concert have been sold out. She also shared a video from the show, and she"s rocking a black outfit on stage.

After she revealed to her fans that tickets had been sold out, her boo, David Adefeso hopped in the comments and asked his lady to squeeze him in, and fans had a great laugh.

"When they say it’s not ONE ticket Left!! LIVING MY BEST LIFE in @fashionnova," Tamar captioned her post which includes more photos.


David commented: "Meanwhile can u squeeze one ticket in for me🙏🏽🙏🏽? I don’t mind standing in the back🤣🤣"

Someone said, "Tamar I am your biggest fan...funny how when these chickens get checked the first thing out of their mouth is insecurities?? Omg that"s ridiculous you"re Tamar....I am very happy you are happy and in love! You deserve the best. I too have a new love! I am very happy and excited for you as well as myself!!!❤️❤️❤️"

One other commenter posted: "Ms. Tamar I"m Praying that God will heal you and Traci relationship and you two have a lot more in common than you think ya"ll two are the funniest out of the bunch. God Bless All You Braxtons."

Tamar also shared a video from her most recent concert and she captioned it with: "Tamartians showed out last night!! I can’t WAIT to come back!! 🥰🥰🥰 Houston is the NEXT #Tamartianshow I’ll see ya there 💕"


One of her followers posted: "“The Power that that has. The intelligence that that has. The clearance that that has. The access that that has. The influence that that has. The international capabilities that that has.” 🔥🔥🔥"

Just recently, it was reported that Tamar did not seem to like it too much when a female fan hopped into her boo, David Adefeso’s comments section.

After The Shade Room made it all public, Tamar also jumped in the comments section of TSR to tell people that she was obviously only joking but fans still slammed her for her behavior.

RHOBH Camille Grammer Wants A Full-Time Spot So Bad, She Doesn"t Care Who She Stabs In The Back at


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer was a full-time cast member during Seasons 1 and 2, but since then she has only appeared as a friend or a guest. However, according to a new report, Grammer wants her full-time spot back, and she’s willing to bring the drama to make it happen. is reporting that Grammer is intentionally causing drama with her co-stars because she believes there will soon be an opening in the full-time cast.

“[Grammer] is itching to come back as a regular, especially with Lisa Vanderpump fed up and likely to leave the show,” says an insider. “It means much more money and much more exposure. She misses the attention.”

Recently, Grammer has been going after LVP, Kyle Richards, and Teddi Mellencamp on social media after she claims the cast “teamed up” on her throughout Season 9. She explained that since she doesn’t film as much with the regular cast, they are able to form a bond, making her the odd man out.

Grammer says that this has resulted in her becoming a target. However, she does admit that at times she might have said some things that didn’t help the situation.

“I’ve said some things this year, but I think I’ve been very honest in what I’ve said, and I’ve said it to people’s faces. I don’t hold back and that’s who I am. Love it or hate it,” said Grammer.

The RHOBH cast has called Grammer “wishy-washy” and “two-faced” this season, but they believe her actions are a result of her fear of Vanderpump. A recent episode featured Grammer’s wedding in Hawaii that almost everyone in the cast attended, except for the restaurateur.

LVP explained her absence by saying that she wasn’t interested in running into the ladies after the #puppygate drama. And, when she didn’t show up for Grammer’s bridal shower, Vanderpump said that Richards never sent her an invite, a claim that Richards denies.

After the wedding, the ladies saw an article in PEOPLE magazine that quoted Grammer as saying LVP “encouraged” her to get married again, and she had been extremely supportive. This caused pretty much everyone to “lose it,” especially Lisa Rinna, who called Grammer “flip-floppy.” Erika Jayne wondered if Grammer was afraid to tell LVP how she really feels about her.

The ladies questioned why Camille Grammer would praise LVP in an interview but then complain about her behind closed doors.

"We"re like, "She didn"t even show up to your shower or your wedding!"" said Richards. "And we all left our families to come here! We don"t care that she said something nice about Lisa! You were saying negative things, and now you"re saying nice things in the press -- and she"s not even here!"

Mellencamp says that if she would have known then what she knows now, she wouldn’t have gone to the wedding.

Rasheeda Frost And Kirk"s Fans Are Loving Their Latest Video Together - People Are Thrilled That The Couple Is In A Happy Place Again at


Rasheeda Frost shared a video with her man, Kirk Frost and these two seem to be having a great time together. Rasheeda calls Kirk her "mate" and fans are hoping that Kirk doesn"t ruin it all ever again.

"Just me & my mate @frost117 😘 #atlantanights," Rasheeda captioned her post on social media.

Fans gushed over her beauty and called her a strong woman for being able to keep her family together.


A fan said, "if he messes up again WE DIVORCING HIM LOL."

One fan praised the couple: "Love you guys. Y’all showed the world that even celebrities go through real-life issues like is regular people, and at the end of the day, true love conquers all. #goals"

Someone else said, "So happy you two have gotten back to your happy place :)"

A commenter also loves the couple and told them: "I love y’all!!! Y’all give black couples hope!!! When I grow up and find my mate I wanna be like y’all!!!! 😂🤞🏾💙"

A person is here for them as well: "Y"all seems so happy now happy for you guys ❤️🙌😍👏"

Someone gushed over Rasheeda, "Such a beautiful lady. Your man better appreciate you 🧡" and another fan did the same: "Awwwwww y’all look so cute and gorgeous and amazing and lovely I love it Rasheeda PERIOD."

Don"t forget that this weekend, you"ll have to change to meet Rasheeda.

She’s invited as a keynote speaker to the Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo on June 2.

Rasheeda also made sure to tell her fans that they can get in for free under one condition:

‘Hey, guys come to check me out at the @uwexpo “Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo” on June 2nd I’m one of the Keynote Speakers!! Show this IG post & admission is free! I speak at 2 pm so get there early!!" she wrote on IG.

Kit Harington Joked About Life After Game Of Thrones Weeks Before Checking Into A Wellness Retreat at


The end of Game of Thrones meant a major life change for star Kit Harington (Jon Snow), so before the series finale aired, he checked into the luxury Privé-Swiss wellness retreat in Connecticut “to work on some personal issues.” Just weeks before taking some time off, Harington joked about what life would be like after GOT when he hosted Saturday Night Live.

Harington’s publicist confirmed to that the actor had checked into Privé-Swiss  - which the publicist made clear was a wellness center and not a rehab facility - to learn how to deal with stress and negative emotions.

Sources say that Harington’s wife, Rose Leslie, has been “extremely supportive” of her husband, and everyone who is close to him wants him to get some rest and enjoy some peace and quiet after starring in the HBO drama for nearly a decade.

The end of Game of Thrones was reportedly very difficult for Harington. He broke down in tears at the final table read when he learned the fate of his character, and a video of the moment went viral.

The life-changing role not only made Harington an A-list actor, but it also introduced him to his wife. The impact of GOT on both his professional and personal life has not been lost on the 32-year-old actor, and he joked about it when he hosted Saturday Night Live on April 6th, just one week before the 8th and final season of GOT premiered.

“Many of you have seen me on Game Of Thrones, which is probably a good thing,” said Harington during his monologue. “Some of my other credits include the movie Pompeii - which was probably more of a disaster than the event it was based on. I was also in a movie called Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Anyone a fan? No, I didn"t think so.”

Leslie was in the audience during the show and joked that she didn’t care about the GOT finale because she isn’t a nerd. Instead, she wanted to know what they were going to do for money.

“We didn"t save anything, and you kept telling me, ‘I"m the King of the North, we can order Uber Eats every night,’" said Leslie.

A record 19.3 million viewers in the U.S. watched the Game of Thrones finale, and in a 2-hour HBO documentary, Kit Harington said his heart was breaking because he loved the show more than anything. Instead of it being a job, Game of Thrones was his life.

Toya Wright Misses Reign Rushing While On Vacay With Robert Rushing - See The Sweet Video With Reigny at


Toya Wright is on a Mexico vacay with her baby daddy Robert Rushing and a few of her girlfriends. She"s been documenting fans on the lovely places that she"s visiting by sharing videos and pics on her special media account and fans are simply in love with the location.

But, as her diehard fans probably already know, Toya made it very clear that she"s missing her baby girl, Reign Rushing like crazy.

She shared a video of her "munchkin":

"I miss my little munchkin.😩" Toya captioned her video.

Reginae Carter commented: "You and this chuckle at the end is killing me 😂😂😂"

Tiny Harris said, "That baby something else with that head turn."

A fan wrote: "Haha. She is not going for it. She waving her hands like, nah ma. I’m cool on that! 😂😂💙" and another follower said, "She like no baby you go swim ima sit here this is too much to take in I’m not ready 😆"

One commenter posted: "I love her 😍 too cute! She’s like “noooooo shuga you go right ahead, I’m cool!” 😂"

A fan also gushed over Reign and said: "She said awt awt! Daddy just taught you no imma pass on the pool today 😆"

Toya shared videos of the locations and photos with her friends, she also posted some pics with Robert and the activities that she’s been having there.

Fans were impressed by the video of the ruins the most.

Are "Scary Skinny" Angelina Jolie"s Kids Trying To Force Her To Eat? at


For her entire career, Angelina Jolie has been a tall, slender brunette (sometimes blonde) beauty who has always been in incredible shape. To be an action star in films like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Salt, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Gone In 60 Seconds, Jolie has had to hit the gym and eat clean to look as good as she does on the silver screen. However, amid her nasty divorce battle with ex Brad Pitt, rumors have swirled over the past three years that Jolie’s weight has plummeted to an unhealthy level because of the stress of the divorce and custody battle. Now, a new report claims that Jolie’s children are trying to force her to eat.

The Frisky is reporting that Jolie’s children - Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox - are worried about their mom’s health and believe she is too skinny.

“The kids are getting older, and they can tell when Ange eats and when she skips a meal. It’s not lost on them that there are some signs she’s not taking care of herself,” claims an insider.

Sources say that during Jolie’s 12-year relationship with Pitt, he was the one who would make sure she was eating, but now that responsibility has fallen on their children. The insider claims that Pax loves to cook, and Shiloh loves to go out to eat with her mom, while Maddox makes sure the pantry is stocked.

However, the source also says that Jolie prefers to stand and eat nuts or berries instead of sitting down for a meal with her children.

It’s not clear how these “insiders” have so much knowledge about Jolie’s eating habits, but in recent pictures, Jolie appears to be quite healthy, yet slender. However, that’s always been her body type.

Jolie actually spent part of Mother’s Day on a grocery shopping trip with Zahara, Vivienne, and Knox, and cameras were there for the outing. Jolie wore a blank tank with black skinny jeans and black flats, and tied her hair up in a messy bun. While the all-black outfit definitely highlighted her slender build, she didn’t appear to be too skinny, as the insiders claimed.

After spending a lot of time behind the scenes as a producer, Angelina Jolie will be back in front of the camera this fall when she stars in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

Tiny Harris Is Working On Her Solo Project And Is Grateful For The Whole Support She"s Receiving - Watch Her Video at


Tiny Harris has revealed to her fans and followers that she"s working on her solo project for quite a while. You may recall that she said she wants to bring "Ryder" on stage and her hubby, T.I. did not like it.

Ryder is Tiny"s sexy alter-ego, and Tip said that this persona of her should be reserved just for him.

Anyway, here"s Tiny"s post and message below.

"It’s going down tonight! My first solo show with my sisters @therealtamikascott & @letoyaluckett thank you to everyone that put in work with me @itsbankhead @Draydrayworld1@_amerahh @paigefralix My band.. killing 💩 thx to @diannecottlepope & my brother Redd for them. @IAmAries- Jamil/Video & my background singers @drijackmusic @misskorchak @kiyanaNow & last but not least my Pretty Hustle team @chezdaking #NoIGLisa #NoIGTina @jmo_74 @vh1 Ep coming July “Where I’m At Wit It” #TinysRyders #SongBlowItAll #ShowNight #PrivateLocation 👑🎶🤑," Tiny captioned her post.

Her fans were extremely impressed and gushed over Tiny in the comments.

Someone said, "Tiny u really out here doing yo damn thing...and I love it♥️"

A fan exclaimed, "So refreshing!!!! Something the grown and sexy can listen to! 🔥"

One other follower asked more new music and said: "Stop playing with us and give us a full album!! Feature some of your kids, they"re all talented.. better yet, just make a family hustle album!"

Another fan praised Tiny"s music: "This song is awesome. Your voice has always been amazing. The mature Tiny voice is something that there are no words for. Do your thing Mrs. Tiny Harris."

Recently, Tiny was in the spotlight after she addressed the feud between her hubby Tip and Kodak Black.

Tiny sat down for an interview with Yung Joc’s morning show Streetz Morning Takeover and talked about the subject.

Kylie Jenner Calls Stormi Her "Malibu Baby" In Adorable New Photos at


Kylie Jenner is spending some wonderful quality time with her one-year-old daughter Stormi Webster. In a series of photos shared on Instagram, Kylie called Stormi her "Malibu Baby" as the two frolicked in their gorgeous swimming pool. The photos went viral and as Kylie has more than 137 million Instagram photos, you can expect plenty of fans to comment and like her pictures with Stormi. The photos have more than 6 million likes and over 55,000 comments.

Kylie loves to spend quality bonding time with Stormie and their mommy-daughter time was put to good use. Fans not only loved the photos but many celebrities liked and commented as well.

Paris Hilton left the following emojis: 😍💕💕💕.

Patrick Starr stated, "Omg so precious 😭❤️."

The pair were clearly having a blast an in one photo you can Stormi splashing her mother and Kylie squeezing her eyes tightly from the water"s spray.

You may see the photos with Stormi as shared by Kylie Jenner below.

Kylie Jenner has had a busy year. She"s become the youngest self-made billionaire in the nation"s history and she and hubby Travis Scott celebrated their daughter"s first birthday with an elaborate Stormi-themed party back in February. Kylie Jenner"s beauty and makeup empire continue to thrive and she will restock her KylieSkin products on June 5, 2019, after amazing sales and selling out of everything.

She and Travis have fans in a whirlwind as many suspect the couple is secretly married. This is due to references Travis has made while performing where he has called Kylie names such as "Wifey."

Other fans believe the two haven"t actually tied the knot yet but will soon, and there has been a great deal of talk surrounding the couple as to whether they will soon add to their family.

The Kardashians/Jenners do seem to like having children close together and though Stormi is an only child, she has plenty of cousins to keep her busy.

Though there"s been a great deal of speculation, there is nothing to indicate Kylie Jenner is currently married, pregnant with her second child, or planning to become pregnant again soon.

What do you think about the swimming photos featuring Kylie Jenner and Stormi?

Kenya Moore Lands In Trouble With Critics For Pushing Controversial Product -- See Marc Daly"s Wife"s Response To The Drama at


Kenya Moore is working it hard to make her coins and fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta star recently created drama by promoting a controversial product.

Marc Daly"s wife posted a picture showing off her very thin figure while drinking a shake.

Kenya explained how the shake helped her lose five pounds: "Yaaas Summer! I’m down another 4-5lbs on @bodycompleterx but the weekend was tough with all the good food! I’m back to my meal replacement shake! I add a little vanilla extract and soy milk. Yummy! Just a few lbs left! I can’t wait. #bodycompleterx #bodygoals"

Fans bashed Kenya for pushing a dangerous product and for having plastic surgeries.

A person claimed: "You had stomach surgery and a FAKE BUTT AND BREAST. That shake didn’t do that....."

This supporter shared: "Happy mom Happy wife Happy Life is Your work out😀. Baby that waist is snatched Kenya I see you baby keep up that work😍😍😍Wait until you have that second baby. Then you"ll need that shake and the gym. You look amazing as always. 😀"

Another backer explained: "Kenya u just exudes beauty. I have loved you from the moment you came to RHOA n I still love you n the lil angel. You are an amazing, twirl lady.❤️❤️🙌👌🔥You are my favorite from RHOA. I stopped watching the minute I found out you weren’t on it anymore. We have a few things in common. Detroit native, naturally pretty, real natural long hair. But I need that motivation you have about fitness.😩"

This critic slammed Kenya: "Exactly! Where R the raw veggie n fruits Queen Kenya! Stop with the processed mixes! Go Natural! Fruit n Veggie r not processed foods! That? Shake? Stuff has added things put in it so it will last! You need to clean the food! No preservatives added or necessary when eating raw veggies & fruit! Ask your husband how much chemical he puts on anyone’s plate when he cooks??? Wake up!!!????"

This follower had this advice for Kenya: "Also look up the late Dr. Sebi Alkaline diet see the foods, fruits, and vegetables you’ll be amazed at what trash we are eating and drinking and what we are supposed to eat and drink that’s a real diet google it 👍🏽"

Kenya responded by saying this: "I have the kit and the meal replacement shake."

Should she stop doing this?

Toni Braxton Poses With Her Two Sons, Denim And Diezel And Fans Are Gushing Over The Handsome Young Men at


Toni Braxton shared a photo featuring herself and her two boys on her social media account. Fans are praising the two boys saying that both Denim and Diezel are handsome young men just like their mom.

Someone commented: "A LIVING LEGEND Toni Braxton she doesn’t get half the credit she deserves smh. 67 million records, 7 Grammys, all around the time Whitney Mariah and Celine were out too. Queen 🙏🏾❤️👑"

One follower said, "Toni black ain’t never gone crack 😩 she been fine her whole life 😍" and another fan said "Them some good looking boys Toni with the strong genes 💪🏽😍😍."

Someone else also gushed over Toni"s boys and said: "They grew up to be handsome young boys. A few years, the cougars gonna be all over them lol."

Another person praised Deizel and Denim as well: "They grew to be so handsome! I remember when they were in her belly. ❤️"

A couple of weeks ago, its was reported that Toni and Birdman may be trying to create a family of their own.

It seems that Birdman was the one who dropped a hint earlier this year when he posted a message to Instagram that read the following:

"Y’all need to put some respeck on our f****** name. At the end of the day it’s me and my wife and y’all n***** need to respec that s*** we just trying to work on our family ya heard trying to bring a lil one into the world."

He deleted his message since then.

Eminem"s Daughter, Hailie Scott, Shows Off Her Assets And Cleavage In Plunging Dress -- The Alluring Picture Is A Treat For Fans at


Summer ready! Eminem"s model and brilliant daughter, Hailie Scott, has taken the opportunity to flaunt her much-talked-about figure in a series of dresses.

The social media influencer confessed that she is more of a pants girl, but as of lately, she has been falling in love with flirty dresses.

In her latest fashion post, Hailie wore a sizzling red, orange, and black dress; and she used the caption to explain it was from Forever 21: "I couldn’t find this forever 21 dress to link because it’s a couple of years old 😩 I was able to link some similar styles & these exact shoes though. 10/10 would recommend these comfy heels 😋 Also, hope everyone enjoys their weekend! This is a perfect brunch look!"

One fan said: "You look so beautiful 😍 You should use dresses more often, love you 💕this is such a fire dress!! Must it be warming up for you in Detroit then? Every time I like a photo, I feel em is writing lyrics about how he wants to kill me. 🙈"

Another commenter stated: "Gorgeous dress 💃🏻 , bright colors are so your thing! ❤️ Wish I could wear a dress, but Melbourne is way too cold right now 😭Hailie can you do a tutorial on how you do your hair? Or what is this hairstyle called 😻"

This person praised Hailie for promoting affordable yet sexy looks: "I am truly impressed by @hailiejade. Obviously and unfortunately I don’t know her personally. But the way she presents herself in Instagram makes me feel like she is a really nice young woman with right values and good goals. We all know who her father is, and she could easily post pictures of her luxurious and fancy life, her house, her cars, her holidays and her Gucci, Prada, LV handbags. But instead she is working hard, she inspires with sports videos, she posts fashion from forever 21 which is affordable for most of us fans, and she is not trying to convince young girls that “makeup is life.” We don’t see her partying and drinking and showing off. Shout out to @hailiejade for being so amazing and humble. My biggest respect and I wish more privileged bloggers would be the way she is."

Hailie is definitely going places.

Porsha Williams Shares New Sweet Pic Of Baby PJ Amidst Rumors That She Called Off Her Engagement To Dennis McKinley at


Porsha Williams" family has been surrounded by some very dark rumors these days. It has been said that she called off her engagement to baby daddy Dennis McKinkley after some pretty horrible allegations surfaced.

The sad breakup rumors have begun over the Memorial Day when Porsha has reportedly unfollowed Dennis on Instagram.

Porsha"s mom Diane and her sister, Lauren Williams, are reportedly not following him either. According to the latest reports coming from the online magazine Hollywood Life, Porsha followed him back on May 29.

They write that this may mean that whatever happened bad between them might have been fixed.

On the other hand, Porsha has been spotted without her engagement ring, and this freaked fans out.

Neither Porsha nor Dennis have commented on the disturbing issue.

On the other hand, Porsha keeps posting pics with her lovely baby PJ. The latest one is so sweet that it will melt your heart.

Someone commented: "Porsha she"s so BEAUTIFUL AND PRECIOUS 💕💖 Don"t know what"s going on with you and Dennis, but I"m still gonna be rooting for y"all. 👍🏽"

Another follower said, "You are gorgeous Porsha, and so is this sweet angel. But sorry, she is her daddy’s twin! So that’s him as a baby girl, lol. She still cuter tho."

One commenter also said that PJ is twinning with her daddy: "OMG freaking ADORABLE!!! She is her father"s child!!"

A fan posted: "@porsha4real I know she was worth the wait. Omg, a real live doll baby. Look at those dimples. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I wish my son were a baby again. #heyprettygirl."

Let"s hope that Porsha is doing okay these days. Fans are still rooting for her and Dennis regardless of the rumors.

Phaedra Parks Splits From Tone Kapone And Commends Attention In Cheetah Bathing Suit -- Here Is Why Her Return To "RHOA" Is Uncertain at


Ladies and gentlemen, Phaedra Parks is ready for summer, and this sexy bikini picture proves it.

The attorney and mother of two took to social media where she showed off her famous curves in a series of photos that were taken during a boat trip.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum posed in the boat while wearing a hot cheetah print one-piece bathing suit that commanded the fans" full attention. Supporters are loving the killer curves and praised her.

One person stated: "Looking twenty-fine 😘❤️ black don’t crack at all period. Phaedra, we need you back on RHOA representing intellectual boss move. Come back, Girl!! 👌 @phaedraparks"

This follower claimed: "Phaedra you look amazing as have a beautiful figure. I can careless what some may say about you...Your Priorities are In Order 💯 Keep enjoying your life & Family."

A woman posted this sweet compliment that read: "Alright, Ms. Parks!!! Glowing A Million Miles Away! Who Needs The Sun When You Are Bringing All The Rays Of Sunshine!!! ☀️☀️☀️One thing I can say about you is that you definitely take care of your kids you make sure that they have a vacation make sure they looking nice keep up the good work."


A fourth commenter: "When Phaedra pops up on your timeline, and you could use some legal advice, but she is so hot. Jesus, please. One thing I can say about you you definitely take care of your kids you make sure that they have a vacation make sure they looking nice keep up the good work."

This Instagram follower claimed: "Yassss Ms. Phaedra Parks. Your killing em Queen... Girl what is the game plan on your glow up though. You look younger and younger every year!! Are you vegan or vegetarian? Do you drink High alkaline water? What the hell, LOL."

Another comment read: "Yes mam Beauty is the body. The body is Beauty. 💙👑 @phaedraparksPhaedra sit your ass down before you give someone a heart attack.😘"

In related Phaedra news, it is being claimed that she has split from boyfriend and radio personality, Tone Kapone. According to reports, she will probably not return to the next season of RHOA.

Some are wondering if she was using the relationship to get back in Bravo"s good grace.

Rob Kardashian"s Video With Dream Kardashian Saying "I Love You" Has Fans Emotional at


Rob Kardashian shared a new video on his Twitter account with his and Blac Chyna"s beautiful baby girl, Dream Kardashian. She tells him "good night" and "I love you," and fans get all emotional in the comments.

Check out the sweet video below.

Someone wrote, "Such a Beautiful Little Girl. God Blessed you With a Sweet little Princess .. ❤️"

Another follower said, "Yessss!!! This is adorable!! Just love it :) more adults need to co-parent like this!"

One commenter also gushed over Dreamy and posted: "Dream is soo adorable a Beautiful little girl you have - cherish every moment with that little angel.... 💖😄👼"

Someone exclaimed, "Omg! So precious.. keep these for teen years when you are suddenly unfair, do not understand and are just ruining her life. Lol."

A fan posted, "Omg This Beautiful lil face and sweet little voice💞Dream luvs her daddy💋"

Dream had the opportunity to spend time with her grandma again these days after a really long break.

Blac Chyna’s fans know that she and her mom have been feuding on social media for a really, really long time.

And even though they have been hurting each other a lot, Tokyo Toni has always missed her grandkids, Dream and King Cairo.

Following the Wendy Williams interview with Chyna, the latter made up with her mom and then Tokyo got the chance to also reunite with her beloved Dream.

Not too long ago, Tokyo shared a video with baby Dream, and you can spot the tears of joy from her eyes.

Toni Braxton Shares Video Of Tamar Frying Chicken In The Bathroom -- See Why Some Fans Are Disgusted By David Adefeso"s Girlfriend Improvised Kitchen at


Cooking chicken in the bathroom, Tamar Braxton style! Toni Braxton is trolling her little sister, Tamar, after she decided to fry some delicious chicken in her bathroom with the toilet seat up. In a video posted by Toni, she can be seen touring Tamar"s lavish condo.

Tamar explained that she did not want her entire home to smell like fried chicken, so after the outlet in the kitchen blew out, she moved to the bathroom to complete the meal.

Toni captioned the video: "BFC anyone? (Bathroom Fried Chicken) Compliments of chef @tamarbraxton 👩🏽‍🍳."

Davis Adefeso"s girlfriend responded by saying that Toni loved the chicken: "But tell em how many pieces you had??? The electricity went out and u wasn’t about to mess my chicken up! Sorry.🤷🏽‍♀️"

Fans are debating if Tamar"s bathroom chicken is healthy or not.

This person said: "Her outlet went out in the kitchen; this is why she’s frying it there. The outlet might’ve went out as she was frying the chicken in the kitchen. So to finish it she just plug it up in the bathroom, where the outlet was working at! For the people in the Bike🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️."

Another commenter stated: "Here go the cdc in the comments 😂 it’s weird dont get me wrong but i doubt her bathroom is dirty. Lmao, this probably her 3rd time in the house. Y’all saying it’s unsanitary when she probably barely be there. This ain’t y’all bathroom she got money😂😂 Y’all cook y’all food in the kitchen and it’s still unsanitary. 😭"

This neat freak claimed: "Meanwhile, I don’t even like taking a cup I’m drinking out of into the bathroom. 😭U know what kind of bacteria a bathroom holds. This is so unsanitary I’ll take one tho. 🥴😂😂😂😂"


A supporter explained: "She doesn’t want her whole condo to smell like fried chicken... I get it! It’s a little weird, but overall this shows that stars are regular people.Y’all know if this were a regular person all of you would call them nasty. 😍🙌 I like it 💯 leave her alone .. she didn’t invite anyone anyways soooo 🤷🏾‍♀️."

This backer shared: "Nothing wrong with it! It’s in an air fryer! Some of all of you don’t wash your hands after using the bathroom! 🤷🏽‍♂️😂That bathroom cleaner than some of all of your kitchen... 🤷🏽‍♀️"

One critic wrote: "How is this disgusting or sooo nasty??!😂😂😂 It"s in an AIR FRYER.. Compressed. Closed. Sealed!! And the heat will kill any potential chicken germs anyway. ☺😚"

What are your thoughts on Tamar"s improvised kitchen?

Tiny Harris Hurts Zonnique Pullins In Hilarious Video Where She Calls Heiress, Her Sweetest Child Out Of Them All at


Poor Zonnique Pullins, she has to fight to get the attention of her mother, Tiny Harris, and the Internet is loving it.

This week, T.I."s wife took to social media and she posted a sweet video where she is conducting an interview with her baby daughter, Heiress Harris.

In the caption, Tiny called cutie pie Heiress the sweetest of her seven children: "My baby done made it lol! She’s doing interviews now like a big girl!! Everything about her is Sunshine to me! She the sweetest baby out our bunch. With just enough attitude to handle herself with her big brothers & sisters!! She"s brings so much happiness to the whole family. @heiressdharris is a special kinda girl fr!!! 👑💜🌟#SheAMamasGirlForSure"

Zonnique, who is Tiny"s oldest daughter, was not having it and wrote: "mmmm she’s sweet, but the’s gonna have to be a no for me dawg."

One supporter said: "Kingggg Kinggggg Soulja voice lol nah I’m playing I believe that he just has an edgy look ❤️❤️lol. I so love hearing little kids say, "thank you"...just melts my heart. She"s gonna be a genius watch. She"ll be in gifted classes. She reminded me of me when I was little. The job was well done to you and TI❤️."

Another person stated: "Man this is so dope..... y’all give black families the audacity of Hope 🙌🏽 💕💕💕💕💕💕 We need to keep seeing more of this less of other crap others putting out in our communities. So cute sounds like she has a little English accent😂😂😍😍😍."

This fan told Tiny: "Girl this had me in tears! I don’t know what type of magic juice God gave you as a mother, but all your kids are so freaking sweet and humble and smart ugh you need an award. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💪🏾💪🏾."

An Instagrammer wrote: "She is toooo sweet. The fact that she comprehended and knew to say that as y’all were talking about it😩🥰❤️It’s funny that every Aries I know gets described as sunshine. I’m an Aries myself and my family has been saying this since I was born 25 years ago. Aries that I know families say the same too ✨"

Fans do agree that T.I.P. and his spouse have raised a wonderful and bright group of children, including Zonnique.

Bella Hadid Keeps Fans On Their Toes With Sizzling Pictures -- See How She Plans To Win The Future at


Bella Hadid has no fear of being seen in revealing posture by her fans, as she showed off her body going shirtless with her hair tied in a towel in a video that was posted to her official Instagram a couple of days ago.

The video was taken in Hadid"s bathroom and showed her smiling for the camera and covering herself to avoid exposing the more private parts of her body.

Moreover, no, fans who were hoping to see her genuinely in the nude will have to be disappointed -- Hadid made it a point to cover herself up as best as she could for many of the pictures, although it is visible that she is topless in all of them.

Meanwhile, the controversy around her recent photoshoot for Calvin Klein seems to have subsided, even though some are still commenting about the incident on social media.


Many people saw the display as a distasteful one, claiming that the brand could have picked any number of alternative models who were more representative of the LGBTQ+ community.

Calvin Klein has issued an apology over the incident, and it does not look like Hadid wants any bad blood either.

She has been active on social media lately, possibly trying to please her fans and sway attention away from the mini-scandal that she was recently involved in.

Moreover, for the most part, it does not look like most people are going to remember the incident for too much longer, especially in light of how Hadid has been presenting herself lately.

Hadid knows how to get attention on social media and the latest photos she posted proved precisely that.


For example, one commenter stated: "amazing photo, Bella. You look like a queen, great work people around you too. Enjoy these days in London. just the best."

A second commenter added: "I wouldn"t be there today if you weren"t by my side all the time. You can"t imagine how much you count now. Life would be so boring and such a mess without you. Thank you for always remind me to love myself, believe in me and my dreams and to never give up. 💘"

A third follower added: "You should post your Vogue Greece editorials that you didn’t post.... those were one of the most iconic editorials you did this year and one of my faves from you.🤞🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Hadid is a real force in the modeling industry.

Britney Spears Posts Video Of Herself Making Silly Faces After Therapy Session at


After all of that drama that she’s been involved in, the singer is just relaxing a having fun online! Britney Spears took to her Instagram account earlier today to post a clip that featured herself making silly faces following a therapy session and it seems like she was really enjoying it!

In the clip, it can be seen that the performer had on a green off-the-shoulder top and that she accessorized with a black choker.

She was wearing her hair in a messy ponytail.

Britney would do a kissy face, smile, stick her tongue out and more for the camera.

In the caption, she explained, saying that ‘... after therapy and being too serious it’s so nice to be silly!!!!!’


Previously, Spears also addressed those rumors that she doesn’t manage her own Instagram account.

‘For those of you who don"t think I post my own videos, I did this video yesterday. So, you"re wrong. But I hope you like it,’ she said earlier this week, referring to a clip of her dancing to Eeboo’s Rom Pom Pom while showing off 3 outfits on a balcony.

Furthermore, an insider told ET that after getting help at a wellness center, Britney feels a lot better but still has a long way to go, so therapy and treatment are part of her life.

They went on to dish that ‘Performing again right now or anytime soon is not an option. She"s in no state to take care of herself let alone do live shows. Britney needs to get the right combination of medication and therapy for more than just a thirty day stay in a facility for her to be able to function properly.’

Beyonce And Kelly Rowland Have Fun In Video From Janet Jackson Las Vegas Show -- Here Is Why Tim Witherspoon"s Wife Is Ready For Her Turn In The Spotlight at


Beyonce and Kelly Rowland have been reunited at a Janet Jackson show, where they sang and danced together while spending the night out girls style.

The two could be seen dancing with the rest of the crowd and having a great time, and it was clear that they were enjoying every second of it.

They were dancing to "What Have You Done for Me Lately," the classic 80s hit by Jackson.

They also reportedly stuck around for quite a while -- right until the end of the show, according to some reports -- and have contributed a lot to the positive spirits of the guests.

According to people close to the two, they have been like sisters for a long time now -- even around the time when Destiny Child split up.

They have also had each other"s backs for a long time, and have been regular guests at each other"s parties.

Kelly even exclaimed that she felt like she was back on the stage, and reminisced of the good old days.

She explained that she felt a very natural connection between herself and Beyonce, and was happy to have her by her side.

She even went as far as to say that she saw her as a sister, not just a friend.

Moreover, it looks like Beyonce shares those sentiments as well, judging from what fans have heard from her.

Hopefully, supporters are going to see the two together even more in the future.

They certainly make for a great couple of friends, and many of their fans seem to agree.


Beyonce being the bigger star, Kelly had to evolve in her shadow for decades, and she remained positive through it all.

Here is what Tim Witherspoon"s wife recently said about this: "The elephant in the room for me has always been second best. I think what kind of took me back was how comfortable I felt in the room to be so transparent. It"s got to feel right, and everybody feels like that in here."

Her fans love the honesty that can be felt through her new music.


A supporter explained: "AMAZING!!! So glad to get some new music! Love the songs! You sound do good!! When you droppin the album sis! 🔥🔥🔥"

What are your thoughts on this long friendship?

Diplo Hilariously Disses Joe Jonas After Saying He "Ruined" His Wedding! at


The famous DJ is not planning on taking any of the blame for ‘ruining’ Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s spontaneous May wedding in Las Vegas! Earlier this week, the Jonas Brothers member revealed that their surprise ceremony was supposed to remain a secret while on the U.K."s Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp radio show.

However, Diplo took to his Instagram Stories to share quite a lot of footage, revealing everything without a care in the world!

When asked during the interview if Diplo really ‘ruined’ his wedding, Joe laughed and admitted that the reveal was, indeed, not planned.

That being said, in response, Diplo clapped back with a super funny post earlier today.

‘The only thing that ‘ruined’ the wedding was your fit,’ he shaded the Jonas, who also replied to his post with an eye roll emoji in the comment section.

Of course, they are just joking around! Even though Joe previously teased his friend for exposing his secret wedding, the singer admitted that he was amused by his posts.


‘I love Diplo, but he loves his "gram more than a 13 year old. He posts every five seconds. He literally, like, live streamed with dog face filters. We just laughed, we loved it. We thought that it was ridiculous. And I love that he was walking into the chapel and he was like, "Going to hit this wedding real quick," [in his Instagram Story],’ Joe stated.

Besides, Joe and Sophie are going to get married in a proper ceremony as well.

Their second wedding is set to take place in France this summer!

Sylvester Stallone Returns In Rambo: Last Blood — Watch Video Trailer at


When you see the new trailer for Sylvester Stallone"s upcoming movie Rambo: Last Blood you may notice a few things from the start. First, Sylvester is 72-years-old and in great shape. He"s still making award-winning movies and still a fan favorite. With the early response to the official trailer (it is currently number two on YouTube"s top trending list), it"s easy to see that there is already an audience ready to see this final chapter to the Rambo and First Blood movies.

The second thing you might notice when watching the new video trailer for Last Blood is the music. The trailer uses Old Town Road by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. It"s the first time the viral song has been used in a movie and is a testament to the power of the song that stirred controversy on the country music Billboard charts.

As the film is called Rambo: Last Blood, it is the final film in the franchise that consists of five movies in total.

The Rambo franchise is based on the 1972 novel First Blood written by David Morrell. The book and movie series are about John Rambo, a Vietnam Vet and U.S. Special Forces soldier who has been betrayed by his country.

The Rambo series includes First Blood (1982), Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985), Rambo III (1988), Rambo (2008), and the upcoming Rambo: Last Blood that will premiere in theaters on September 20, 2019.

The movie stars Sylvester Stallone as Rambo, Paz Vega as Carmen Delgado, Louis Mandylor as Sheriff, Sergio Peris-Mencheta as Hugo Martínez, Sheila Shah as Alejandra, and Adrianna Barraza as Maria Beltran.

You may see the official teaser trailer for Rambo: Last Blood in the video player below.

The official description for Rambo: Last Blood reads as follows.

"Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission. A deadly journey of vengeance, Rambo: Last Blood marks the last chapter of the legendary series."

Sylvester Stallone shows no signs of slowing down in his career. He has 14 projects currently in development and on July 2, 2019, his movie Escape Plan will premiere.

What do you think about the Rambo: Last Blood teaser trailer? Are you looking forward to seeing the final chapter of the Rambo franchise?