Sunday, April 14, 2019

Cardi B Reacts In The Most Hilarious Way When Asked If She"ll Ever Collab With Nemesis Nicki Minaj - Check Out The Video! at


Cardi B made her feelings towards a possible collab with her nemesis Nicki Minaj very clear and she didn’t even need words to do it! Well, when you have nothing nice to say, it’s better not to say anything at all, right?

During an interview, Cardi, who actually worked with Minaj before, since they were both featured on MotorSport, was asked if she would see herself ever performing with the other female rapper.

Cardi’s response was super funny and was fortunately caught on camera!

In very Cardi fashion, the artist not only managed to give a very clear answer, make everyone laugh, as well as diss Nicki without saying a single word!

That being said, to the question about the two rappers ‘mak[ing] up and perform[ing]’ together one day, Cardi just made a face at first, obviously having no words.

The Variety interviewer attempted to make things less awkward by using her signature ‘Okurr’ sound effect in the form of a question, trying to maybe get a positive answer.

But that is when Cardi let out an uncomfortable and nervous giggle that kept on going and going.

It might have really taken her by surprise to be asked about something like that in the middle of her feud with Nicki.

So she either didn’t want to respond or she really didn’t know what to say in that situation!

Either way, her ‘answer’ to that question speaks volumes in itself!

After the drama that took place between Cardi and Nicki, it definitely doesn’t seem like the Bodak Yellow star is planning on ever repeating the MotorSport experience.

Make sure to watch the video to see her reaction! It’s just priceless!

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