Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Madonna Is Dropping A Whole Bag Of $5 Million On Her Performance At The Billboard Awards - Some People Say That"s A Waste Of Money at lxbr.info


Madonna shocks fans with the latest news. It seems that she"s not playing at all when it comes to her performance. The Shade Room cites TMZ and delivers exciting news. Here are all the details.

TMZ reported that Madonna is "dropping a bag BAG on her Billboard performance and has spared no expense to make sure it’s amazing!" as TSR puts it.

It seems that some sources close to Madonna have confirmed to TMZ that she will be dropping $5 million for a special hologram performance.

TSR details that "The performance is set to take place on Wednesday at MG Las Vegas. Her performance also will reportedly last 7 minutes! There’s no word on who the hologram will feature, but it’s being said her performance is one of the most ambitious performance ever attempted on stage."

People are making all kinds of assumption, but mostly, they"re not here for this.


They say that this whole thing is nothing but a waste of money and she could have done something more useful with all that cash.

Someone said "Prince and Michael will be the hologram, Mark my words."

Another follower said that "$5 million could’ve gone to something more useful like helping human beings but who am I to tell folks how to spend their money 🤷🏽‍♀️"

Someone believes that she"s just trying to surpass Beyonce"s success: "Still won’t be better than a Beyoncé performance 🤷🏽‍♂️" while another follower said "Madonna gon crack them ankles trynna be relevant 😂😂😂"

One other follower posted this "Madonna, There are people who are dying! (In my Kourtney Kardashian voice)"

Not too long ago, Madonna announced a new album called Madame X.

There hasn’t been a formal release date yet, but fans are sure to be excited for the 14th record from the legendary singer.

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