Sunday, April 21, 2019

Porsha Williams" Snap-Back Stomach In Ladies Night Pictures With Sister Lauren Sparks Debate About What Is Okay To Do After A C-Section at


New mom Porsha Williams has decided to flaunt her snap-back game on social media and fans are having the most uplifting and constructive conversation about what a woman should do post-C-section surgery.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who recently gave birth to baby PJ, finally had a girls" night out with her sister, Lauren Williams, and several other ladies.

Porsha explained: "My sister @lodwill couldn’t wait until I could step out again! We both tipped toed our w and had a blast! It’s so crazy we just switched places because when she had Bales, I was like I want my Lo back !! Sisters/ mommies / besties ❤️👯‍♀️ #MommyClub #LoveMySissy."

One commenter replied: "C-sections are serious surgeries. Please be mindful you heal from the inside out still take it slower than usual. But, you both look fabulous!"

This follower added: "Stomach coming down but lawd that 🍑 is still pokin! And I agree I didn’t go out until nearly a year after my C-section. But that was about 11 years ago. I’m sure they use a different technique now possibly. From what I’ve heard C-sections heal a little bit faster."

A third person revealed: "Your body got to heal completely before you can go out and do regularly normal things. It"s good you went out Porsh, but don"t do too much. A C-sec is just like surgery, been there and went through it five times, and let me tell you it"s no picnic and it truly takes time. Bc no matter if you if, you have natural or C-sec you still got to take it really slow.Bc I"ve heard some women have had a set back forget the word you call it. Anyways, if you overdo it and do too much, it could cause you to go back to the Hospital. Bc still your healing and C-sec is as same as surgery, and it"s not to be taken lightly. Don"t be so quick to rush and get out there; things have changed in your life; it"s going to be different now. Not telling you what to do, but your rushing way too fast and you have a baby now so things have changed. Don"t rush bc your going to need that rest and trust me I"m Old School and no baby. I tried it too trying to fit back in my regular clothes and go out, trust me. Bc my body was telling, me girl take your time. And if anybody tells you differently, then they are a lie. Don"t get offended or hardheaded it"s no joke."

Porsha deserves all the fun that she can have.

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