Monday, April 29, 2019

Chrissy Teigen Pokes 50 Cent And He Responds - Fans Are Having A Laugh Seeing The Exchange Of Comments Between Them at


Everyone who knows 50 Cent also knows that at least for a while, the man became a sort of shade boss. He"s been feuding with Teairra Mari and more for a really long time now.

This chase has been going on for months now between 50 Cent and Teairra Mari.

A recent report stated that Teairra had an arrest warrant out for her, and 50 Cent looked very happy. The man hopped on his social media account and repeated that ‘the law is the law!’

Another report followed, claiming that it was not the case because she actually has more time to go to court.

These two have been feuding after Teairra sued 50 Cent for revenge porn. After the lawsuit was dismissed, he wants his cash back, and she refuses to give it to him.

Now, Chrissy Teigen made a joke on social media and said that she never wants to be involved in a feud with 50 Cent.

Here"s what someone commented on the post shared by The Shade Room: "That’s probably the nicest thing I’ve heard him say. Lord be a fence."

Someone else said "Honestly I’m the same way. Even tho I’m a nobody. I’m tryna stay on 50 good side for life 😂😂"

A fan said "If Fifty came at Chrissy, I think it’d be the first time we saw John get gangsta," while someone else said "I agree with her. When 50 cent goes in he goes in. He wears his king petty crown with no issues 🤣🤣🤣🤣."

A commenter wrote "it would be epic between those two but I don’t want to see it. I don’t think I could handle it😂"

50 Cent has been also feuding with Randall Emmet and Lala Kent.

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