Monday, April 22, 2019

Prince William And Kate Middleton - Did They Just Shade Meghan Markle In Their Tribute For Queen Elizabeth"s Birthday? at


Fans of the Royal family believe Kate Middleton and Prince William might have thrown some shade at Meghan Markle with their tribute to Queen Elizabeth on her 93rd birthday. The celebratory post was shared on the Kensington Palace Instagram account which represents the married couple.

The message simply reads: ‘Wishing a very happy 93rd birthday to Her Majesty The Queen!’ but what got social media users talking was the fact that there was also a throwback photo shared dating from 2016.

The said snap was taken at the Trooping the Colour parade, the monarch’s belated birthday celebration every year and, while most of the Royals are on a Buckingham Palace balcony overseeing the parade, Meghan Markle is nowhere to be seen.

The photo features The Queen with her husband Prince Philip, Prince William and Kate as well as their kids Charlotte and George.

Although his face is mostly obstructed since he stands in the back, Harry was also in attendance!

And since this post comes after months of rumors that William and Kate don’t have the best of relationships with Meghan, people started speculating her absence from their tribute post to the Queen was intentional!

One user commented: ‘Oh dear, methinks someone is missing from the photo... #royal_passive_agressive?’

Of course, Markle was not in that pic because she and Prince Harry were not a couple at the time.

Regardless, that does not mean anything since they could’ve posted any other pic featuring Meghan.

As another user pointed out, ‘Interesting how #kensingtonroyal choose a photo without Meghan in it.’

Another wrote: ‘Interesting choice of photo. . . .almost like you looking for trouble. Is there not enough rumors and speculation going around. Why add fuel to the fire?’

Meanwhile, one fan argued that ‘Prince Charles and the Queen"s other children aren"t in the picture either. This is the Cambridges" account, so there are pictures of the Cambridges. Happy 93rd Birthday to the Queen!!!!’

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