Sunday, April 21, 2019

Nipsey Hussle’s Ex, Tanisha Asghedom, AKA Chyna Hussle, Blasts Those Who Want Her To Stop Professing Her Love For The Father Of Her Child at


Tanisha Asghedom, who is the mother of Nipsey Hussle’s daughter, Emani; has been forced to return to social media to say she has had enough of the negativity and the hate she has been getting because she told the slain rapper that she loves him.

Tanisha, also known as Chyna Hussle, remained very quiet during the massive celebration of life that took place in Los Angeles for Hussle which was attended by Lauren London and both of Nipsey"s children.

Tanisha did at some point pay tribute to her late ex-boyfriend with a message that read: "I LOVE YOU ERMY U NO WHEN IM MAD AT YOU ITS ERMIAS Joseph I love you so much."

The mother of Hussle’s daughter was slammed by critics who say she was no longer with him and therefore should not be professing her love for him. Tanisha shared a post that read, "f@ck the haters and hypocrites."

One person backed her by saying: "This is all so sad. The fact that Chyna is being so messy right after Nipsey’s death speaks volumes. Hence why she wasn’t invited to the funeral. She doesn’t even see Emani, Chyna doesn’t have custody of any of her children. Get your life together girl.🗣"

Another commenter wrote: "First of all y’all all sound dumb asf don’t know of y’all know the inside of what they went through or how strong they bond was yea the separated and he loves Lauren and my auntie love her new man but I see from my own eyes the shit ermias did and told my auntie sands that’s what speak volumes regardless if they do have a child or not Ermias loved Tanisha till this day straight up and he would tell all y’all this tf."

This fan stated: "By why even entertain the negative be honest, it’s really no longer about you’s about Emoni..and judging from the looks of things again just judging y’all relationship was probably toxic asf...y’all probably stayed fighting, and shit...he probably stayed almost being locked up behind you...what you need to do is just bow out gracefully and ask for continued prayers for your daughter and keep it have two other kids thT are older than Moni..are you still harassing them...are heart goes out to you for the love that y’all once shared but please relax and not make this an issue that it doesn’t need to be.."

Tanisha will not leave the haters to get the best of her.

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