Monday, April 15, 2019

Jhene Aiko Moves Fans To Tears Over Her Heartfelt Comment To Big Sean After Nipsey Hussle Memorial Performance at


Most people are still extremely heartbroken over the murder of Nipsey Hussle. The rapper"s death moved Jhene Aiko to remember to appreciate the people you love the most while they"re still here.

Fans of Lauren London are hurting with her after suffering the tremendous loss. Jhene is close to the actress and her late beau which is why she was invited to sing at Nipsey"s memorial.

Aiko"s performance and song choice were praised by viewers. Not long after, the singer decided to publicly praise her ex-boyfriend, Big Sean, with a heartfelt comment on his Instagram page.

It read: "you are so special. to me. to the world. while we’re both still on this planet I just want to say…I love you beyond measure. even tho I get big mad and u trigger the f*** outta me. u make me feel. and I appreciate that. because I thought I was dead inside. my ego has no say when it comes to you. and my heart has been broken a thousand times just to expand. it always finds room for you. the good and the bad. i love you from this life to the next and all the other lives we’ve known each other before. imma always talk my s***. but imma always have ur back"

Jhene and Sean recently broke up and the reason why is still unknown. The beautiful message she left has fans wanting to text their ex and wishing that she and Sean would get back together.

"This just made me want to text my ex. Kinda regret getting blocked by him after telling him I wish he was dead."


"Now that"s growth, she saw an opportunity to show her appreaciation and she took it without being prideful. Bless jhene maybe I will do the same."

What do you think about Jhene"s message?

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