Monday, April 22, 2019

Jordyn Woods Shares More Pics From Nigeria And Fans Say That The Kardashians Cannot Wait To "Steal" Her Look at


Jordyn Woods really seems to have finally put the Tristan Thompson drama behind, and these days, she"s living her best life in Nigeria. She"s been flaunting a brand new hairstyle, and her fans are saying that the Kardashian clan cannot wait to steal this new look of hers.

In one of the photos, Jordyn looks mind-blowing in a green wrapped gown featuring a daring cleavage.

Someone said "I know that the Kardashians wish that they could wear I mean steal her hairstyle."

A fan brought up her famous line from the controversial interview with Jada Pinkett Smith: "Serving us with "I don"t need your situation" energy 🔥🔥🔥"

Some people were saying in the comments that they cannot believe she"s in Nigeria because there are so many nice locations and people.

A follower said "Reading some of these comments and realized that SOME African Americans are way too ignorant for the “Land of the Free” did y’all expect her to be around Children with flies in their eyes and surrounded by dirt roads and huts? Nigeria is Beautiful!"

Someone else supports Jordyn and praised her beauty: "I feel like you’ve gotten more beautiful in the past months! Keep believing in yourself girl! You’re winning!"

And if you"re wondering what about Kylie Jenner and Jordyn"s relationship with her these days, well, a few days ago, Jordyn admitted to still having love for Kylie.

Jordyn is asked by the paparazzi whether she still loves Kylie and she answered with ‘Always.’

Jordyn was also asked how she felt about the Smith family supporting her as she faced all the accusations that floated around her. ‘Honestly, the whole world’s support is amazing,’ she responded to that question.

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