Monday, April 29, 2019

Sunday Funday With Reign Rushing: Toya Wright Shares New Pics & Videos With Her Favorite Princess at


Toya Wright had the best Sunday with her princess Reign Rushing. It seems that the two ladies went to Disney on ice and Toya documented her day on social media for fans, so she posted pics and videos featuring the cutie pie.

Fans just loved Reigny in the videos and the way that she was acting during the show, so they made sure to tell this to Toya.

"Disney on ice with my favorite little princess.... I love our little dates.❤️ #sundayfunday" Toya captioned her post.

Someone said "The fact that she’s all into the show is so cute 😍😍."

A follower posted "awww 😍 lol every time you looked at her and look away she looks at you 😂❤️❤️😌"

One fan gushed over Toya and said "Thank you for sharing these special moments!! You are such a loving and caring mother!! Thanks for being a great example for young mothers🤓"

A commenter wrote this: "Awww she looked like she enjoyed every bit of that 😍😍😍"

Someone said that "She makes me want just one more.. everybody is laughing at me cause I keep up with you daily. lol I think I’m family 😩😂😂😂 like let me live in my imagination for ten mins 🙄😩😂😂"

One fan wrote "Yes! I took my son yesterday as well to the 1 PM show, and he loved it too."

Recently, Toya shocked her fans when she showed them that she went rock climbing. Toya"s fans and followers were not aware of the fact that their favorite lady is into this.

They appreciated Toya’s courage and also her figure and outfit because her fans never miss the chance to praise her looks as well.

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