Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Blac Chyna Flaunts Her Luxurious Lifestyle After Being Hit With Lawsuit For Not Paying Her Rent - Tiny Harris Is Here For It at


It was reported by TMZ that Blac Chyna got recently hit with a lawsuit for not paying her rent. It seems that she owned the landlord $48,000.

According to the latest reports, the landlord has officially filed a lawsuit against her for allegedly "breaking her lease five months early, and refusing to make rent payments since she left. Chyna has been renting her Studio City, CA home since April 2017, and her lease called for her to leave in March 2019," The Shade Room posted.

TMZ reported that she moved out back in November 2018 and the reason is not known.

A person hopped in the comments section and said "She was paying her rent, she just moved out earlier than she had agreed to in the lease, so they are trying to make her pay rent as if she still lived there until the lease was up when in actuality she moved out before she stopped paying. Y’all need to read the damn caption. 😂🤦🏾‍♀️💯"

Someone else posted "Y’all come at her hard but praise her 2nd BD for living off his mom in his 30s.... nah I’m not dragging this black woman!! #Nextcase."

One other commenter points out to the fact that "It clearly says she moved out back in November so not sure why ya"ll are saying she"s about to be put out. Maybe there was something wrong with the place, and she"s fighting it 🤷🏽‍♀️"

Chyna really seems unbothered by this situation and just shared a video on her social media account.

She"fflaunting a purple fur coat and her many cars. Tiny Harris seems to be here for this luxurious lifestyle and praised Chyna in the comments.

Someone said "Everyone will hate, but you must admit she always applies pressure and keeps her foot on there neck. #teamblacchyna."

One other commenter told Chyna to "Sell those cars and go buy a house media pressure ain"t still owe your rent @blacchyna ....don’t try so hard to fit in 🤪"

Other fans believe that she has enough and she doesn"t need to sell anything.

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