Wednesday, April 17, 2019

NeNe Leakes Disables Instagram Comments After Being Slammed Hard By Haters - Diehard Fans Keep Supporting Her at


NeNe Leakes has been slammed really hard on her social media account lately. Things seemed to intensify after the second part of the RHOA reunion aired.

After that, it really looked like even people who love NeNe told her that she"s not acting right and she should learn to be more humble.

But on the other hand, NeNe"s diehard fans are still supporting her, and they"re trying to tell the world that no one really knows what it"s like to be in NeNe"s shoes regaring Gregg"s cancer and more subjects.

People are now posting messages on her older posts since she disabled comments on her new ones.

NeNe has recently shared a photo featuring herself together with her hubby Gregg Leakes while they were celebrating the fact that he"s off chemo.

Someone commented that "Nene was attacked often and I don"t think anyone realizes or tried to put themselves in her shoes. Dealing with someone that has been diagnosed with cancer is extremely difficult scary for both parties involved, and I see that she needed a lot of attention throughout the season and a lot of reassurance because she could possibly be facing losing a long time partner. I"m just disappointed with how she was handled throughout the reunion; it"s clear that she"s protecting her feelings and not wanting to be vulnerable to people who could possibly hurt her again."

Another follower supported the couple and said "So happy for u both living out loud. Love and support you always. Nothing will change that. Season 12. Can’t wait to see more of your story’. The Queen is back. I’ve read everyone isn’t gonna make it back. You can never win when you"re dirty. (In my Nene voice)."

Someone else wrote "I don"t give a damn what anybody thinks I"m a Super Fan of @neneleakes and people can"t take her Realness and Determination, I get you.. Much love Queen.. 👑.."

What do you think about NeNe these days?

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