Monday, April 15, 2019

Tamar Braxton Reveals That Vincent Herbert Is Dating Again After He Meets Her New Nigerian Boyfriend at


Tamar Braxton has been very vocal about the fact that she has a new man. On the latest episode of "Braxton Family Values," the mother revealed that she isn"t the only one that"s moved on from her marriage to Vincent Herbert.

The Braxton sisters went to a wine mixing activity where they caught up with each other after attending Tamar"s play with Snoop Dogg. The conversation came around to the subject of the singer and her Nigerian boyfriend.

She reveals to Towanda and Trina that when she was leaving a building with David Adefeso, Vincent was coming in. She was nervous about the two meeting but went on to say that the two hugged each other and moved on.

Her sisters asked if Vincent has also started dating again and Tamar responded with: "I believe he has because Logan said he got a wife."

It"s great to see that Tamar and Vincent are co-parenting very peacefully at the moment and have accepted the fact that they are seeing other people.

The musician recently dished on her relationship and what her family feels about the man that she"s nicknamed T"Challa.

"They love him. He is really kinda hard to not love. He’s a great guy, comes from a great family. Has great morals. He loves my son to pieces. He’s not on social media. We just have a regular, amazing relationship. You won’t see a whole lot. Only because I’m not really ready to divulge everything. It’s new. New. I just kinda wanna keep it to myself as long as I can."

Tamar might not have David on the show a lot but viewers were able to see the flirty dynamic between the two when they went on a date to a fancy restaurant. The scene had social media happy to see that after such a rough few years -- Tamar may be getting her happily ever after.

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