Friday, April 19, 2019

Toya Wright"s Fans Are Praying That She And Robert Rushing Get Married One Day: "She Deserves It" at


Toya Wright shared a video of her beau, Robert Rushing working out and she"s also at the gym as well as seen in the clip. This is all a part of her promoting the Weight No More movement.

This is something that is supposed to raise awareness on health issues such as overweight and obesity which have been plaguing a lot of people and at the same time triggering other health issues.

Here"s Toya"s video below.

"Grab your boo and join us for our 1st boo camp class with @iamthekingoffitness .... tickets available on EventBrite search Weight No More Boo Camp Atl. I can’t wait! #weightnomore 💪🏾 swipe left to see the date and time," Toya captioned her video.

Someone said "Praying they get married one day! She deserves it😍" and more of her fans and followers agreed.

Another person said "I really wish I could join and come but my husband would rather sit around and eat pizza & fried chicken😒"

One commenter posted "Always something positive Toya, I love you for doing this for community."

A supporter said "Guess if I work out in the mirror cause I’m my own boo 🤷🏽‍♀️ this single shit washed up ... @toyawright all of you should sponsor a singles" meet and workout session 🤞🏽remember I said first."

Another fan told Toya: "@toyawright Ahhhhh I love seeing this T! Working out together giving each other support! That means sooo much!❤️"

Toya has been supporting this movement called Weight No More since back in 2018.

This aims to raise awareness of health issues triggered by overweight and obesity, and it promotes a healthy lifestyle. She revealed the first Boo Camp class.

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