Monday, April 29, 2019

Brielle Biermann Is Happy With New Full Lips -- After Viral Picture, Some Fans Say She Is Starting To Look Like Her Mother, Kim Zolciak-Biermann at


A recently-released photo of Brielle Biermann shows her looking quite happy with her new, full lips, as the reality TV star claims that she has been very excited with the results, and content with her life in general.

The picture quickly made the rounds across social media, with many pointing out that Brielle looked quite lovely in her new style.

She captioned the image: "You feel the vibe it’s contagious."

There have also been some less than positive comments regarding her choice, but those have been relatively rare.

This is at least a nice change from the situation that Brielle had to deal with in the past, when many people constantly berated her for her looks, making multiple unfavorable comparisons and even claiming that she should stop trying to do anything in that direction.

It is good to see that Brielle has not given up hope and is still fighting the good fight for her looks, although some are worried that she might be going a bit overboard.

The important thing right now is that Brielle is happy with her situation, which is what some of her fans were most worried about in the past.

It is not rare to see celebrities going through difficult moments in their lives and expressing themselves in all the wrong ways, and it is good to see that Brielle has taken the right approach to that.

Moreover, it is certainly a refreshing change to see people on social media being so positive for once, instead of jumping at yet another opportunity to troll someone for their looks, something which fans have seen quite often in the past.

Here is what Brielle told Hollywood Life last month regarding those who criticize her plastic surgeries: "If I want to redo my whole body – which one day I probably will – and my whole face and everything, it should not affect you. It’s not your face, and quite frankly, you don’t have to look at it. Just move on from life. I don’t know how you’re so bothered by my appearance. You do you."

One fan suggested: "@briellebiermann ugh you’re so naturally gorgeous STOP with the needles you and your mother almost look the same age."

Do you think Brielle should stop fixing her looks?

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