Tuesday, April 30, 2019

K. Michelle Shocks Everyone By Interrupting An Event In Nashville To Tell The Audience She"s The Next Taylor Swift - Here"s The Video at lxbr.info


Kimberly Michelle or K. Michelle has revamped her image and moved from a brawling chick with a career that was not too successful to the very next level. Now, it seems that her music is doing all the fighting for her.

Hot New Hip Hop details how during a recent event in Nashville, Tennessee, K. came on stage and took the mic to share a few words with the audience.

"Hello, Nashville. My name is K. Michelle. I have three number one albums on Billboard," she began.

K. said "You can pull out your Google right now...I am a black girl that sings better than any white motherfu*cking country singer in Nashville right now."


"And guess what? I have a ton of your favorite people behind me," K. continued and then said "So, when I say I"m the next mother f*cking Taylor Swift, it"s not a motherf*cking joke. It"s the motherf*cking truth. I"m black as sh*t. I listen to City Girls, and I curse mother f*ckers out."

Then, as Hot New Hip Hop notes, the clip fades out as K. was still speaking, so the rest of the message is a mystery.

Someone commented "In the words of Yara Shahidi “we don’t integrate, we recreate.” Create your own country music label instead of waiting for them to accept you."

Another follower said "She"s not a horrible artist but that attitude on her is RIDICULOUS."

One person wrote "Why not just sing a country song and show them that would’ve wowed them in a better way, not ignorance 🤦🏽‍♀️"

In other news, it was reported not too long ago that K. Michelle, has opted to weigh in on the drama between Rasheeda Frost and her hubby"s other baby mama, Jasmine Washington.

Rasheeda decided to accept Kannon — the son her husband, Kirk Frost, shares with his ex-side chick, Jasmine Washington and K. Michelle had some thoughts about this.

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