Sunday, April 21, 2019

T.I."s Daughter Deyjah Harris Is Now In A League Of Her Own After This Eloquent Message Went Viral -- Is She Responding To Kodak Black Who Targeted Everyone In Her Family, Including Tiny? at


Recently, Kodak Black dropped a diss track where he bashed T.I. and his entire family including Tiny Harris whose look he mocked.

In the song, "Expetitiouly," Kodak might have done the unthinkable and made very inappropriate comments about T.I."s teen daughter, Deyjah Harris.

Kodak claims on the track that he has plans to make T.I.P. a grandfather. The college-bound young lady indirectly responded to Kodak and all other men who believe that they can try to disrespect her ahead of her 18th birthday.

Deyjah Harris is definitely her daddy"s daughter when it comes to fearlessly speaking up and speaking out.

Rapper T.I."s daughter said this in her PSA: "I just wanna quickly say that just because I"m turning 18 in june, that doesn"t mean: 1. that ya"ll will even get the chance [lmaoooooooo] 2. More importantly, that still don"t make it right for you grown a$s men to try and get at me... eighteen. I will still be a TEENAGER!!!."

Deyjah went on to make the following valid point: "If you"re not ok with someone your age tryna get with your daughter, sister, niece, etc., then don"t think it"s ok with me. That"s it and that"s all!!!"

The teen is being praised for her eloquent message.

One person said: "Unfortunately I know all too well about predatory men. All is us women do. But I"m talking about the women in these comments calling her a clout chaser or saying that she"s being extra all becuz she doesn"t want to be hit on by grown ass men."

Another commenter claimed: "I don"t see the problem. Let"s not act like older men aren"t waiting till she"s 18. Hell I remember when men were waiting for Rihanna to turn 18 when Pon De Replay was out. I see some of y"all say she"s clout chasing..Do y"all even know what that means? Every time a word is popularized , people wanna overuse it or misuse it."

A third supporter stated: "Someone doing something stupid is different from an underaged person wearing clothes and being made to feel uncomfortable Bc of what they wear. You are saying it’s her fault that grown ass adult men hit on her and flirt with her. Why are you saying she needs to stop posting what she does and why aren’t you saying “grown ass adult men should know better and leave her alone Bc she’s underaged AND/OR Bc she’s too young”? Serious question, if you choose to respond please respond to that question."

Deyjah is winning the Web with her fierce attitude.

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