Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Lil Wayne"s Daughter Reginae Carter Has A Raunchy Dance-Off With Toya Wright -- Fans Say Video Shows She Is Handling The YFN Lucci Split In A Sassy Way at


A gorgeous Reginae Carter took to social to flaunt her killer abs in a skimpy outfit and have a twerking competition with Toya Wright to show the world what a break up with YFN Lucci looks like.

Lil Wayne"s and Toya"s daughter sported a colorful crop top and shorts that revealed her toned legs.

The reality TV star posted the photos just days after she more or less made it official that she was done with her boyfriend, YFN Lucci, who has been begging her to come back. Fans are happy to see that Reginae is moving on.

One supporter stated: "Lucci lying butt says “He’s sorry and he’s looking for you” run sis RUN. Get you a real king who go treat you like a real queen my love ...who go bring out the best in you ♥️♥️♥️♥️👸🔥Happy you posting about NIP. Today, for the first time in years... I shed tears of sadness, anger, confusion, and joy. This great tragedy has brought about a great change within the Black community in only a weeks time. We can all see the light at the end of the tunnel that we seemed to have been trapped in for centuries. Unity is a MUST. Let"s continue #TheMarathon in such a way that will honor his name and his legacy. #LIVEINPEACE For all of our family and friends lost to violence of any kind. R.I.P. Ermias Asghedom AkA #NipseyHussle #naybahoodnip. ⚄⚀💪🏿✊🏿"

This person praised Reginae"s stunning figure: "Yessss Nae!!!! She got the cutest face the slimmest waist 😍😍😍I love you because you don’t let these negative people get to you. You’re too good for that childish boy 😒 don’t let him back; he just wants parts of your life and can’t love you how you should be.😘"

Another follower claimed: "Never Mind the critics @colormenae screw how they feel Lucci yo man girl call yo man nae y’all makeup already @sololucci.Ur stomach and shape looks better and better every day #Jelly #Goals."

A critic shared: "Lucci looking for you bae. I know he knows where you at..I’m just the messenger don’t shoot. My comment will be regarded as hate, I’m sure, but...she looks so desperate to show off the designer tags that she looks miserable and uncomfortable."

Reginae and Toya have a unique approach to life.

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