Monday, April 15, 2019

Reginae Carter Comes Through With A Quote Of Wisdom While Her Fans Freak Out Seeing YFN Lucci Weeping On IG - Watch The "Toxic" Clips at


It seems that Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci are over once again and by the look of things, she"s the one who dumped him. Nae posted a smart quote on her social media account, and her fans really hope that this time, she"ll be practicing what she"s preaching.

The rapper and Reginae have been dating on an off for several months now, and it appears that they recently split once more.

Just the other day, it was reported that hoping to get his woman back, YFN Lucci took to social media where he wrote the following message: "Can someone tell my girl I’m sorry and I’m looking for her."

You can see her quote that followed below.

A fan said "Hopefully she practices what she preaches! No need in posting it if you don’t believe and won’t receive it! 🤷🏾‍♀️" while another person has a few words for Lucci: "Lmfao if her momma gotta comment every time, she’s too young for you bro."

Another follower said "He"s too old for her! She learned the way all the rest of us learn! The hard way! Its Growth Baby girl!"

A fan told Nae: "that’s right - focus on yourself mama, you deserve a solid relationship, not drama and turmoil. When a man seeks to publicly humiliate you by telling your personal business that’s when you know he is not mature enough for you."

Someone doesn"t think that this breakup will last: "Sounds good but she’ll be posting videos of them and their matching nose ring by next week."

After Lucci posted a video, fans freaked out when they saw him in the state he was and when they heard him talking.

One person said "Sounds kind of toxic 😩 Even with the sound of this video is toxic. Let’s not spread toxicity."

Someone else said "Imagine watching this as a parent," and continued "She better run and never look back."

A follower believes that "She needs to leave him alone she was too young to be a stepmom anyway!!! Girl do you!!!!!"

A fan has a piece of advice for Nae: "Here is a thought....stop dating rappers. Start dating doctors, businessmen ...something other than the typical circle of single motherhood y’all keep going into."

What do you think about this mess? Is Lucci a narcissist like people call him?

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