Thursday, April 25, 2019

Wendy Williams Reportedly Moved Into A New Apartment Following Her Split From Kevin Hunter at


Wendy Williams made all of her fans happy after hitting the cheating Kevin Hunter with the divorce papers. It was reported that she disguised the documents so they would look like a present and fans went crazy with excitement at the news.

Everyone was terrified that Wendy would not be strong enough to go on with the divorce and that she would change her mind, but so far, such a thing has not happened.

A source knows more new details about Wendy"s situation, and they made sure to spill the tea to the famous online magazine Hollywood Life.

"Wendy is happy to finally be out of her sober living in Queens. Over the last weekend, Wendy moved into her new apartment by herself in Manhattan," according to the insider.

Wendy revealed that she had been living in a sober living home in order to combat addiction "for some time" during her TV show.

The divorce is not the only thing that made Wendy decided it"s time to move out and go to a new residence.

The same source continued and said that “She did not want to go back to the home [she and Kevin] shared, there were too many memories of their time together."

The insider also said that she has been planning this split for a really long time and she"s been gearing up to be able to do this for real.

Fans hope that she"ll be powerful enough to go through this and start a new, fresh life.

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